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Sun, July 21

Column: Dorner is a killer, not a celebrity

Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner is a cold-blooded killer. As of this writing, the former Los Angeles policeman has allegedly murdered three people.

These killings have been done in the name of revenge.

According to his manifesto, Dorner isn't done squeezing the trigger.

He was the subject of an intense manhunt until police cornered him in a cabin Tuesday afternoon near Big Bear, Calif.

As of this writing, a gun battle rages between police and the heavily armed ex-cop. All of this over getting booted out of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Dorner has made it crystal clear he is committed to avenging his firing, which occurred more than four years ago.

Talk about your slow fuses. This guy's been simmering for a long time.

Question No. 1: What kind of world would we live in if every person who has lost a job - or a home - over the past four years decided to kill their former coworkers, bankers, neighbors or bosses?

Answer: Given that getting fired is rarely enjoyable, body bags would be a growth industry.

One of Dorner's alleged victims was the daughter of an LAPD captain whom Dorner believes cost him his job.

Even the Mafia has a "no killing family" rule. Of course, with the Mafia, it's nothing personal. Just business.

With Dorner, it's very personal.

I can almost understand the frustration he feels. I can appreciate the stress that comes with losing a job you love.

At least, I hope he loved his job. Because if he's raising all this ruckus for a job he only liked, well, that's just crazy.

Understanding someone's motivation to do evil, however, is not the same as tolerating evil - or worse, excusing, embracing and exalting evil.

That's just what some folks in the alternate universe known as social media have done.

Facebook pages supporting Dorner have popped up ever since his strange saga began.

Some people with decidedly anti-LAPD sensibilities have lionized him. One page actually proclaimed Dorner God, if only for the moment.

Why? Because the ex-cop was going after his former bosses and coworkers - and he did so with a vengeance.

I can shake my head at the Christopher Dorners of the world and chock up his evil intentions to mental illness or extreme emotional strain.

I also believe he will not be taken alive. Dorner will be shot to death, either by a police officer or his own hand. He is rabid.

The thousands of people on Facebook who took the time to "like" all those pages supporting Dorner are an entirely different matter.

Clearly, they don't have rabies, so we can't shoot them. Drones are probably out of the question, too.

Dorner's long list of grievances against the LAPD might be founded in the truth. Maybe he was the victim all along.

But that doesn't come close to justifying multiple murders. And the people who "support" his murderous rampage can't make that claim.

Most of them, I imagine, have a single negative law enforcement experience that framed their worldview.

The LAPD is going to investigate Dorner's 2008 firing. Maybe they'll find something.

What disturbs me about this story isn't that a highly trained and apparently well-motivated but derailed ex-police officer is armed and on the loose.

What most makes me shake my head is that this guy has a growing following on Facebook and several other sources.

Once you get past the vitriol, a pattern emerges. People, lots and lots of people, have a real problem with the LAPD, which has a sordid history of brutality, racism and rogue cops. It was put under federal oversight after a long history of ugly incidents.

Fair enough, but an alleged triple-murderer shouldn't get our respect.

He should get our scorn.

Dorner, as an ex-cop, has done more harm than most cops ever have or ever will, on or off the job.


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