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Tue, April 23

Kingman Letters: No reason to own assault weapon

My heart and prayers go out to the families of the school shooting in Connecticut. This was such a tragedy.

With that being said, let's talk guns. As everyone in my family has at least one gun, none of us owns an assault weapon. I do not understand what the need is to have one of these. None of us wants to ban all guns, just these deadly assault weapons. I don't care who you are, you have no defense against a assault weapon of any kind.

I am a corrections officer watching over 3,500 inmates and we have no need for those types of weapons. We do carry a shotgun and a 9mm handgun. We do not need to carry assault weapons of any kind.

If law enforcement does not feel the need to carry them, then what need would a civilian have to carry or own one? As I stated, my whole family owns guns and no one wants them banned. We all believe in defending our homes and families, but does a person really need an assault weapon to do this? I do not think so.

I am concerned for my children and grandkids going to school or just walking down the street with assault weapons out there. You never know if someone is having a bad day and doesn't like the way they look or talk or anything. Assault weapons do not just kill, they tear a person to shreds when they are shot with one. To me, that is total overkill.

A person has a chance of surviving a shot by a handgun (depending on where they are shot) but no chance with an assault weapon. Assault weapons should be banned, not handguns or rifles or shotguns, but true assault weapons.

Penny Gabriel



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