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Thu, April 25

Kingman Letter: Sewer rates above average

City officials several months ago said sewer rates will go up about $12 a month for the average user. My wife and I are retired and the only ones living here. I'd say we are average.

The last four months our sewer bill was around $49.42. This January it went up from $27.97 to $77.36 a month; I think that is more than $12.

Also, when our city fathers were discussing the rate increase, why did they not include all 40,000 citizens of Kingman instead of just the 9,000 who are connected? Those 40,000 others will have the option to connect in the future. The sewer benefits all citizens; those connected do not contribute to the ground water pollution. All the septic tanks in Kingman add nitrates to the ground water.

To those who say they should not pay because they are not connected, I say you should pay as a city tax just like we do for the city schools that we have no connection to, as we have no children here.

Jon Mullinix



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