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Sun, Oct. 20

DOJ Organized Racially Charged Demonstrations Against Zimmerman.

DOJ Organized Racially Charged Demonstrations in Zimmerman Case

We all remember when the Zimmerman/Martin incident first happened. First, President Obama, jumping to the conclusion Trayvon Martin was innocent and simply killed because he was black, stated if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. This. of course, put all the libs squarely on the side of Martin before any facts come out.

All the liberal press outlets backed him to the max. Hang Zimmerman, the white killer of the black kid. Forget that Zimmerman himself is half Peruvian. Forget that Zimmerman, wanting to help black kids, tutored them. Forget that Zimmerman's head was injured, his nose flattened. Someone stooped to editing words said by Zimmerman to make it look other than what he really said. Only pictures of a very young Martin were shown in the lib press - none telling of his drug dealings, that he was thrown out of school repeatedly or of the gold grill he then sported.

Recall first, Zimmerman was not charged with anything. We couldn't have that, of course, because again, Martin was black. So Eric Holder, the Department of Justice head, flew down to thank Reverand Al, who was already there, but for what? Well, for pushing that Zimmerman was guilty.

Judicial Watch, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), has obtained actual Department of Justice documents showing the following.

• The DOJ paid their own people to go to Sanford, Fla., to help work people up to march against Zimmerman. This was not a federal issue, and it is not the duty of the DOJ to rile people up on one side to march against another side. You see stuff like this in banana republics, but in the USA?

From official DOJ documents/Expense Accounts:

• March 2012 - The Community Relations Service, a little known part of our Department of Justice (can we say community organizers?), spent $674 for on the ground employees deployed to Florida to work marches, demonstrations and rallies AGAINST ZIMMERMAN, an American citizen, then another $1,000 for similar work.

• March 30 - Another $900 to provide support for protests against Zimmerman. Then again, an additional $700 to provide technical assistant to Sanford, Fla., for a March 31 march.

• April 3, 2012 - $1,300 to provide technical assistance and on-site mediation for protests - gave support to those showing up to protest against Zimmerman.

• April 11, 2012 - $500 to provide tech assistance for possible marches and rallies for the case.

• April 15, 2012 - The Orlando Sentinel reported the DOJ helped set up a meeting that led to the ouster of Police Chief Bill Lee, who had refused to prosecute Zimmerman because, after their investigation, they had deemed the shooting justifiable. The Obama folks could not have that. The AME church stated the DOJ was "there for them" in their bid to dump the chief and prosecute Zimmerman.

• April 19, 2012 - An audio was obtained of a recording at the 2nd Shiloh Church in Sanford in connection with the Bill Lee ouster.

• A large group of pro-Martin students were bused in 40 miles by the Department of Justice. The group called themselves the Dream Defenders. They barricaded the entrance to the Sanford Police Department. So the DOJ actually provided an escort for 40 miles for protesters against Zimmerman. Police Chief Lee was toast by then.

So the documents show the DOJ, which is supposed to be impartial in its practices, instead engaged on the side of anti-Zimmerman, revved people up to march, orchestrated racial strife, organized racially charged demonstrations.

Only in Obama's world. But wait, I am sure he didn't know any of this and will read Judicial Watch's findings in a newspaper somewhere.

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