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Mon, Dec. 09

I Will Stand With the Muslims Should the Political Winds Shift in an Ugly Direction

"I Will Stand With the Muslims Should the Political Winds Shift In An Ugly Direction."

So said Barack Obama on Page 261 of his book, "The Audacity of Hope." Forever defending the Muslims against the bad people that might hurt them. Odd, isn't it?

And this is one promise he seems to have carefully kept. Specifically, those Muslims known as The Muslim Brotherhood, famous for their terrorism. .

And now, with Egypt burning, Obama is making threats to Egypt concerning the Muslim Brotherhood. With the recent ousting of President Morsi and his Sharia Law and Muslim Brotherhood, Obama is now pushing to get the Brotherhood back into power.

It should be first noted, Obama claimed to the world he was not taking sides, although those of us watching know he pushed for the ouster of the prior President Mubarek, knowing the Brotherhood would undoubtedly step up. Conservatives had a hope the more moderate Egyptian military would step in with some balance but when Morsi was elected a year ago, the Brotherhood and Sharia Law moved in. Egyptian Christians have been murdered - many have fled Egypt.

Already sick of Morsi, Egyptian citizens (most of them Muslim) and the military have stepped up and pushed Morsi out. Enter President Obama who has now told those in power if the Brotherhood is not allowed to remain free and join a new government, he will cut off all aid. He will?

Besides astounding, this is confusing. First, he states he will not take sides. Then, nary a word against the abuses of Morsi and the Brotherhood. Now that they are out, he is completely defending them to the point of denying Egypt aid if they are arrested. And again, they were slaughtering Coptic Christians in Egypt - apparently fine with Obama and crew.

The words of Jay Carney, White House press secretary concerning the current Egypt crisis.

"The only way this is going to work successfully for the Egyptian people is if all parties are encouraged and allowed to participate and that's why we've made clear, that arbitrary arrests are not anything that we can support. We could not support those because if you're arresting individuals from ONE GROUP or ONE PARTY, you're working against yourself if your effort is to be inclusive as you make this transition back to a civilian, democratically elected government." Same from the State Department.

Really Jay? So your president is pushing being inclusive in Egypt? Everyone should be included? Your man won't tolerate the military arresting the Muslim Brotherhood. Well, except for that one group, Egyptian Christians. And then it is okay to kidnap and rape Christian women, torture and kill the Christian men. And then you will say ... NOTHING!.

The blood of Christians is spilled in every Muslim country, but that's old news. Christianity pre-dates Islam in Egypt but when Morsi came in, in came the Brotherhood and Sharia. Soon 100,000 Christian Egyptians fled their country. And the good-hearted Brotherhood put a Christian on TV with a knife to his neck, then slowly sawed off his head while shouting Allah's name. Just a little reminder to the viewing audience, if you are Christian, better become a Muslim real fast.

What kind of Godless animals perform this type behavior anyway? And people wonder why I cannot tolerate Obama? He supports Muslims while ignoring the slaughter of my fellow Christians by those same Muslims.

But don't take my word for it. Read his Page 261. And remember, Dreams of my Father was actually written by Bill Ayers and Obama, known by experts as a "crappy" writer who could not be salvaged, had help even writing the much inferior The Audacity of Hope but nevertheless, whoever helped him write it, those are the words.

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