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Thu, March 21

Guest Column: Wrong on guns, and a traitor too

Regarding the article published on April 25 by national columnist Joe Conason ["Who's 'soft on crime' now?"]:

The NRA has been very tough on crime - unlike the leftists, who are tough on law-abiding citizens and protect criminals - but they recognize that background checks are but another step toward total disarmament/subjugation of free individuals that will enable progressives the freedom to prohibit other things - like free speech, etc. - by taking away the fourth check and balance against tyranny, the armed citizen.

The left clearly does not care about crime or our safety. If the left really cared about safety from crime, they would protect gun owners and praise them for the 2.5 million times per year they protect our country from crimes.

Look how lopsided these figures are in favor of private gun ownership: 19,000 actual crimes (not possession of "illegal" guns, etc.) versus 2.5 million crimes stopped by gun owners; 11 percent collateral damage by law enforcement versus 4 percent for civilians; and the civilian does not even fire the weapon 92 percent of the time. These powerful statistics prove civilian gun ownership prevents many times more crimes than it causes.

Conason is incorrect about how and where guns are purchased by criminals. It has long been proven that background checks do not prevent crime, but criminals do not buy from stores. In most cases, officials simply do not know exactly how the guns were attained. They can trace the original purchases by the original sales information that they catalog based on background checks, etc., but this is far from proof that these people are "straw buyers" and furthermore, it is likely only the beginning of the ownership trail.

This said, let's address Conason's clearly anti-Constitution/freedom stance on this issue. We are guaranteed the right to speak our mind; we have a right to assemble peacefully; we have the right to fight against oppression (by civilians or governments); and we have a Constitution that the leftists know guarantees these rights, yet they try to use subordinate laws to take away these rights.

Regarding background checks, I think most would agree to them if they could believe that government could do so without keeping records of gun ownership that could be used in future oppressive laws.

For example, California has pending legislation to outlaw all semi-automatic weapons that would be retroactive (no grandfather clause), giving California the authority to confiscate guns. This violates the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights and the prohibition against "laws of ex-post facto."

At this time, California is already using records of gun sales compiled since 1996 to confiscate firearms from supposed criminals, but remember their list isn't just comprised of criminals - it is comprised of people convicted of violating laws regarding possession of certain firearms that the California government illegally prohibits, but that the Constitution guarantees we can "keep and bear."

Mr. Conason is not only wrong, but treasonous, in that he wants to use state and federal law to violate our Bill of Rights protections. The NRA is protecting our gun rights and every other right that we as Americans cherish.

Shame on all of you who support the leftist/progressive effort to harm freedom. Not only should you be ashamed, but you should be prosecuted as traitors!


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