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11:45 AM Thu, Nov. 15th

Kingman Letter: Bullying should be taken seriously

It truly amazes me how the law ignores bullies and allows them to terrorize kids and adults. The court system slaps the guilty on the wrist and won't bother even giving palpation to the victim.

I know what I am taking about because I was a victim of being bullied back in 1973, 1991 and 1992, but did the law help me? No!

My question is this: What is wrong with our legal system and our cops across this country? It seems to me that they care more for the lawless than the victims!

Reference is made to the Byland case in 1992. Please show more attention to the victim and the heck with the guilty. Right?

There should be a law against bullies. Enough is enough with playing politics and taking the side of the guilty.

Kenny Lee Barrows