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Sat, May 25

Reel Watchers: World War Z

A rare and deadly virus has taken hold on humanity. This virus not only kills its victims, it also produces a race of the undead who pass on the virus through their bite. The virus causes its victims to turn into the nightmarish "Z" word that we have all been taught to fear - zombie.

Former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane gave up his dangerous job for the good of his family. But when the zombie pandemic hits, Gerry must once again track down and stop a murderer. Only this time, the murderer is something no one can see. To stop the spread of the deadly virus, Gerry must find the elusive patient zero, the first victim of this unceasing virus.

"World War Z" is not your typical zombie movie. It is as much a movie about zombies as it is a movie about human nature and our will to survive in any situation. While the zombies are nightmarish and fearsome, the viewer is reminded that these creatures were once human and, as such, deserve a small amount of pity.

The film details two aspects of human nature - our overwhelming urges both to survive and to protect those we love.

While other zombie movies deal mainly with the horror aspect of zombies, World War Z focuses on the mystery of the zombie outbreak. Where and with whom did it start? Most importantly, can it be stopped in time?

World War Z is a nicely done summer blockbuster. While not as overt in its use of horror as some zombie movies, this film does pack a punch. Parents, be cautioned - this film is rated PG-13 and will probably scare younger children.

War World Z rates three out of four miners.


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