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Sun, April 21

Jack the Giant Slayer

Fee Fi Fo Fum. So begins the tale of Jack, bean stalk grower and giant slayer. Children around the world have grown up hearing the story of Jack and his magic bean stalk. Farm boy trades cow for magic beans. Magic beans grow a magic bean stalk to a city in the clouds. Dangerous, man-eating giants live in the cloud city. Jack steals gold from the giants, kills a giant or two and escapes to live a long, rich life.

Or so we think.

The film "Jack the Giant Slayer" shares the same basic points as the original tale. Jack does trade his horse for the magic beans and accidently grows a magic bean stalk between the world of men and the world of giants. But there has been a war brewing between men and giants for many centuries, even if now mankind no longer believes in giants.

Jack and Princess Isabelle both share a desire for adventure. One rainy night that desire will lead them both straight up the bean stalk. Isabelle is captured by giants and it is up to the Royal Guard and Jack to save her. The evil Lord Roderick, Isabelle's fiancé, who has devised a plan to rule the giants and use them to take over the world, also comes along on this adventure.

Jack must save the Princess, and stop Lord Roderick and the giant attack on his kingdom. He must do this while also trying to win the hand of the Princess Isabelle.

This film is very enjoyable and features great characters (both human and giant alike). It is a great family film, though it does have its gruesome moments.

"Jack the Giant Slayer" is a wonderful and original take on an old classic fairy tale. I give this film three and a half miners out of four.


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