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Fri, Jan. 24

Column: A rotten time to tax Kingmanites

OK, so I'll give the Kingman City Council credit for not going Obama on us and saying the fire department is going to shut down and that the police are going to be furloughed. Heck, if someone asks I'm sure the members of the Council will probably say its OK if third-graders from Biscuit Prep want to tour City Hall.

See, that's one of those things the president did when the dire warnings about the sequester didn't result in the tax hike he wanted. The president made White House tours one of those things that had to end due to the sequester cuts, proving again that anyone growing up in the U.S. can be elected president, and they can be a petty jackass at the same time.

No, as far as I can tell the City Council hasn't made any huge noises about how severe things will be if they don't raise the sales tax by a half-cent or .65 of a cent. Give them credit for that.

OK, I'll say it. By and large, I think the people on the City Council are just darn nice folks.

But golly, when you place your order at a drive-thru and the business selling the food is smart enough to let you know how much of the total is taxes, it's disturbing. We're talking California rates here.

And I do know that one proposal calls for the Council two scale back its 2-cent tax on bars and restaurants by half. But that total tax rate is still outrageous, even when a penny is lopped off.

The Council hosts a public hearing on the tax proposals at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Bare bones about the proposals are spelled out on Page 1 of today's Miner just above the Penske ad, and ace city government reporter Doug McMurdo will offer a complete summary in Tuesday's Miner.

There's no question the city will find a way to use the money if they do hike taxes, but there's also no question Kingmanites can't afford any more taxes. Unemployment hovers around double figures, and a number of workers are about to have their hours cut so their employers can avoid the punishing financial burdens Obamacare will impose.

Food prices are up and gas prices have stabilized to a degree after skyrocketing following the holidays. We are supposed to take comfort in knowing gasoline is about the same price now that it was a year ago, but how much did gas cost five years ago?

This isn't a happy time to be on the City Council, but it is a time for members of the Council to earn their pay and do right by the citizens of Kingman.

Don't make a bad situation for a lot of people in town worse.

Please don't raise our taxes.


Can't get enough news on the glories of Obamacare? Then how about visiting here:

John Nolte's piece, with plenty of links to back up every statement, hits on millions losing their insurance, premiums skyrocketing, lots of lost jobs, doctor shortages and rationing, $800 billion in tax increases for the middle class, inflation, more bureaucracy and, ta-da, $6.2 trillion added to the deficit.

None of this should be surprising, simply because many of the major problems government faces now - Social Security and Medicare nearing insolvency, the debt and rising welfare costs - were created by government in the first place.

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