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Wed, Dec. 11

Gunwalking - Barack, Hillary and Libya

Gunwalking - Barack, Hillary and Libya

Yet another Benghazi hearing has come and gone. We learned again what we already knew, that twice help was told by Washington to stand down - even help from Tripoli was nixed - and four Americans were allowed to be slaughtered. We also learned a plane packed with military personnel and equipment for a rescue was ready to go. It was a one-hour flight, not the six or seven hours we were told.

We were not told where Obama was during this Benghazi battle but do know he made it to Las Vegas the next day for a fund-raiser. We also understand a Stand Down order had to have come from Obama himself. When UBL was killed, Obama's whereabouts hour by hour were told to us.

We learned the three Whistleblowers were threatened, one with 22 years experience and an incredible resume has been demoted after he spoke out against the lie by Obama and Clinton and Rice that Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration prompted by a video. This even after both Obama and Clinton had called the man, thanking him for a job well done.

What has not been brought out in hearings is the fact this administration has been in the business of walking guns taken from the fallen Libyan government after Obama pushed Gadhafi's ouster. Immense amounts of armaments that were hidden in Libya have been gathered up and sent through Turkey to arm Syrian rebels against Basha al Assad. Not sent to moderates we would want to back, but to hard-core Al Qaeda Islamists, many of whom are outsiders to Syria with the goal of putting Sharia Law in Syria and who burn our American flag and shout anti-American slogans. Nevertheless, Obama has given them $200 million of our money and continued gun walking to their regimes.

This is undoubtedly the smoking gun the liberals think was not found. This story has been out there since last fall but the left wing press has ignored it. First, Ambassador Stevens was designated the liaison to the opposition in Libya, then ambassador to the new Libya, and then liaison to the gun walking to Syrian rebels, with the help of Saudi Arabia and a few other countries.

For those who follow closely, Obama was usually on the wrong side during the Arab Spring, backing the Muslim Brotherhood that is often linked to Al Qaeda and allowing them access to the White House. All this while Hillary's top aide, Uma Abedin, has suspect connections and her parents were both in the Muslim Brotherhood. Uma had access to top secret information.

The consulate in Benghazi is actually not a consulate, according to Ed Klein and Frank Gaffney, who have both written on the gun walking. There are two warehouses on the premises; we have not been told what was in them, but word is they were filled with arms that were raided that night. We know Ambassador Stevens, although knowing it was 9-11 and fearful there wasn't good security in Benghazi, stayed there that night to meet with a Turkish official concerning more gun brokering. In fact, Benghazi was mainly used for meeting with those helping with the gun walking and was really not an embassy at all.

Last 9-6-12, the Al Entisar, a Libyan vessel was flagged in the Turkish port of Iskenderun. It carried 400 tons of cargo, including deadly SA-7 man-portable surface-to-air missiles destined for Syria.

Twenty-nine different Syrian rebel groups have pledged allegiance to the Al Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front, which was responsible for killing U.S. troops in Iraq. Clinton has admitted the Syrian rebel-Al Qaeda connection. Nevertheless, the gun walking from Libya with our assistance continued.

Assad is a monster, but so are Al Qaeda jihadists. Neither are moderates we would hope our country would be backing. To give money and arms to Al Qaeda is an impeachable offense. This would be why President Obama said nothing else, lied about a video, and has kept the poor man making the worthless video in jail all this time on a misdemeanor charge.

Several things disturb me. First is that you cannot make the American people wake up and see the truth about this man. Second, the gold band swearing allegiance to Allah that he has worn since he was a young teenager. Liberals have tried to dispel what it says, but experts have declared it the gold band commonly worn by muslim men, just like a Jew would wear the Star of David and a Christian would wear a cross. The Muslim Brotherhood has now infiltrated the highest echelons of our government, not only gaining access but actually being put in positions under this President. This should disturb all Americans.

A large contingent of people have gotten together and are demanding the real truth about Benghazi come out. It is made up of family members of the slain at Benghazi, hundreds of military and a number of senators. Stay tuned.

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