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Sat, Jan. 25

Letter: Blood on their hands

Supporting impeachment proceedings will be the only thing that could distance the Democrats from this administration and give an ounce of dignity back to the party. Listen, when Nixon lied, no one died, yet we all know his fate. Obama, Holder and Hillary have five dead American diplomats, Special Ops and Border Patrol personnel, not to mention the blood of countless Mexican citizens on their hands.

Given the continued Benghazi cover-up and falsifying federal documents; five years of blatant lies to the American people; the IRS targeting conservative and Tea Party activist organizations, which directly violates its defined constitutional powers (and yes, the IRS under the treasury department is directly under Obama's command); running guns to terrorist organizations across our southern border and in the Middle East; illegal search and seizure which violated the Associated Press's First Amendment rights and the recently reported shakedown of insurance companies to implement Obamacare; intentionally refusing to control illegal immigration in order to gain an electoral advantage for Democrats in years to come; fiat executive orders against the will of a majority of Americans and at the expense of tax-paying citizens that would "fundamentally transform the United States of America" (the only campaign promise Obama has kept), nothing less than impeachment and failure to uphold the Oath Of Office by means of fraud, dereliction of duty and gross negligence resulting in death should be the charges brought up on the tyrannical trio.

That is unless Americans no longer have a government "of the people and for the people" but rather a people of the government and for the government. In which point we have become merely subjects of an ever-expanding progressive ideology.

An ideology that directly conflicts with our U.S. Constitution and our Bill Of Rights.

Daniel Snelling


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