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Tue, March 19

Letter: Words can heal, or cause damage

This is a reply to Lori Dane's letter, "Those who hate are the monsters" [May 15]. There are people from all walks of life in America who are able to do and say what they want. Each person's opinions are their own. They are drawn to like-minded people, a commonality in groups. Military, religious, charity groups and the list goes on. As in your article, yes, there are also hate groups, gangs and individuals out to destroy America. By your article you have lumped every group across America as extremist, racist bigots.

Your quote about white supremacists harmed the Christians in this nation inferring that almost every white is a racist by your quote, "Just love God and the white race." Those are harmful words that do not heal race relations in this country. To me, your talking points come straight from our own government's propaganda. What would you say if I wrote the same article that you did, but changed white supremacists and "just love God and the white race" to say NAACP, the Hispanic coalition, Black Panthers, Muslim Coalition, or the Jewish Coalition....

I could go on as you did without any facts to back anything up, but I won't for that is doing harm as well. You believe everything the government tells you, not swayed by anything or anyone. That is your right for freedom of speech in the Constitution as of now. Healing comes with an open mind and healthy discussions. Just as you have the right to free speech, every person and group has an equal right to say what they believe, to disagree with our government or how it is run. If any laws are broken, then let the punishment fit the crimes.

People forget that we are the government, according to the Constitution. Words need to unite us, not divide us, for America to heal. Remember, do no harm and we all can heal.

Pamela Jaffrey

Dolan Springs


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