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Sat, Dec. 14

The rock music epiphany

Several years ago I was able to spend three days away from all my many responsibilities and hide myself in the mountains near Flagstaff. Though I slept in a cabin at night, I spent the better part of the day in the tall pines, enjoying the quietness and gentle breezes. One afternoon as I walked through the woods, I came upon a small brook. Whether it was the result of natural springs or recent rains, I do not know. Regardless, it was beautiful, peaceful and comforting.

As I sat down on a fallen log, I was able to relax and focus all my attention upon God. The giant trees, babbling brook, and the small animals scampering from shadow to shadow could not help but remind me of His great creative power.

Staring into the glimmering water and listening to the music it made as it splashed against the rocks, I realized something that I had never known before. The rocks are what give the brook its song! If the rocks were removed, the brook would lose its song altogether.

In the very same way, it is the rocks of life that give us our song; for without them, we would have nothing of which to sing. Every rock gives us the opportunity to let God be God! Every rock allows us to see God's love for us as well as His power to work in our lives.

Some years ago, I heard a sermon preached by Dr. Frederick Sampson, of Detroit. He told a beautiful story concerning the song that every believer should have in his heart. He said, "One night as I sat in the comfort and safety of my home, a terrible storm was raging outside. The winds were blowing; the rains were falling in torrents. As I sat in my chair beneath the reading lamp near the living room window, I heard what sounded like a bird singing. Thinking to myself that this was impossible, I got up, walked across the room and opened the door to look outside. Sure enough, there was a bird on a tree branch that extended underneath the shelter of the roof. The bird had his back to the storm and his face to the light as he looked through the window. He was singing with all his heart! It was then that I realized that a bird does not sing because he has something to sing about; he sings because God gave him a song."

Truly as those who are followers of Christ, we have a song in our heart. It is the song of redemption. We can sing because we know that we are loved; we know that our sin is forgiven; we know that we have eternal life; and we know that we have a home in glory.

The song within our heart does not depend on outward circumstances but is dependent on our relationship to God through faith in Christ. Storms may come against us.

They may appear threatening in many different ways. Yet, we fear not! We fret not! We rejoice because God is bigger than all the storms.

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