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Fri, July 19

Letter: Friendly to our enemies

Recently, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry threatened Israel with a boycott if the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians fail.

By doing this, Kerry has undermined Israel's chances of reaching a peace agreement and has been made to look like fools to the rest of the world. All previous peace talks between these two have failed because of the Palestinians' demands for Israel to give up their security and hand over land that would make Israel vulnerable to many of the Arab countries that would like to destroy Israel. The Obama Administration has done everything in its power to create problems for our one and only true ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Every president before Obama stood by Israel. President Obama, instead, has bent over backwards (and bowed forward) to appease all the Arab countries, but most especially Iran.

Iran has already vowed to destroy Israel and blow them off the face of the earth. Iran has also taken the millions we just gave them to stop building a nuclear bomb, thumbed their noses at us and turned around (after getting sanctions eased and taken the millions) and informed the world they will not be stopping their work on nukes!

This administration appears to prefer our enemies to our friends. What does that say to Americans and the rest of the world?

Sandee Samoska



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