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4:46 AM Fri, Jan. 18th

Letter: A Sense of Duty and Pride

We are all grown up now, and yet we have been trained to say fix this, and fix that, as we complain about our social government engineering a way of life in America.

Without hands-on experience, we have been trained to expect the elected officials will do for us what we can no longer do for ourselves. Common sense and Common Core education just make no sense in today's world. We have a difficult time explaining what family is, and what is right or wrong behaviors in our society today.

A sense of duty or pride of one's self is now an antiquated thought, much like voting. Does it really matter? Wealth re-distributions and equal pay for gender are but campaign slogans. Most of us see that the abuse of power by our so-called leaders continues as they tell us this will be better for all Americans.

Obamacare has helped about 2 million people at the cost of about $4 billion, and this health care has now set the trap so 80 million employed will be forced by employers to the state-run health care, which is too costly with too many lies, including keeping your doctor or it will be cheaper. It would be cheaper to give every American a million dollars and let us fend for ourselves.

Without deductive reasoning or critical thinking we will honestly believe there is a difference in political parties, when in fact there is no difference when the goal of total control of a people is the same in both camps of D.C.

Independent voters may be our only hope to jog the minds of the masses of those who sleep walk while others make decisions regarding our daily lives, and not voting is simply saying, "I Like The Way Things Are Now."

Jack Shepherd