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Sun, Jan. 19

Does KPD need a war wagon?

Let me start with the fact that I support the Police and Sheriff. They are hard-working people doing a job most folks would never want. They deal with the low life dregs of our society each and every day and still have to be as nice as possible to them.

That said, I must ask a question, WHAT THE HELL DO THE POLICE NEED WITH A WAR WAGON?, as the paper called it. They already have a really big RV, helicopters, para-military units armed with fully automatic weapons (real assault rifles), and even have a bomb squad.

Now they think they need an armored vehicle that can withstand roadside bombs and ambushes? Well, I did not know that we had a big roadside bomb issue here and I can't for the life of me think of the last time our officers were ambushed.

This is not some Third World country like Los Angeles or Chicago. No, this seems to be the militarization of our police. Are they preparing for war, and if so who are they planning to go to war with?

Is this the buildup to institute a police state in our country? DHS, NSA, and now USPS are buying millions of rounds of ammunition. We the people need to wake up and start asking What the heck is going on and WHY! If we don't it may not be too long before we are not allowed to ask.

The police do not need or should they have this weapon of war because they are not at war - unless there is something they are not telling us.

Donald Stultz


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