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Thu, April 25

Older Than Dirt: They Can't Hear You!

Most people over the age of fifty have realized that you must have your glasses on in order to hear on the telephone. It isn't until you reach sixty that you will find it necessary to talk to the television. You will constantly have to give your opinion about anything and everything from sitcoms to the evening news.

You may also find that you talk to yourself much more often. My sister can sometimes be heard having a lengthy conversation while sitting out on the deck, by herself. In the beginning I would have to say "What? I can't hear you from inside." Then, I realized she was not talking to me. When she started answering her own questions, I did get just a little concerned.

When I was a kid, my grandpa could often be heard shouting at the TV set. My Aunt Rosie (who grandpa lived with) would constantly remind him, "Pa, they can't hear you!" This never seemed to matter to my grandpa, and he continued to even warn people in a movie if someone was sneaking up behind them.

I have to admit that I have become like grandpa. It doesn't seem to matter what show is on, I always have something to say. My sister also has something to say and together we give that television heck, in no uncertain terms! Sometimes it appears that we continue to watch programs we hate, just to talk about how ridiculous they are. We only have about 50 channels, so finding the right one can sometimes be a chore. "What do you want to watch, sister?" "I don't care. Whatever you want," and so on.

Even the commercials are not spared. We both agree that the drug dealers are now on television instead of being on street corners. Most of them will give a name to any kind of discomfort you have been living with, and then they have a miraculous cure! If your leg falls asleep, you must have Restless Leg Syndrome. To which they have a prescription drug that will fix it. (Heaven forbid you should stand up and wiggle your leg!) It is good to know that all the research is not going to waste. Those who are in need, can even get a prescription drug to grow more eyelashes. What a relief that is! If you do pay attention to these new drugs, you will also notice that MANY of them follow up with the class action suit against the drug company, about a year or so later.

When Brittany Spears finally fell to the wayside, I thought we were done with the boring everyday lives of people who we care zero about. However, the Kardashians seem to have taken over her spot. Poor Khloe, I am so worried that she and Lamar may not work things out. Right!

I must admit my sister and I really do enjoy our television. When the power goes out, we are soon suffering from withdrawal. It's a good thing we always have someone to talk to. Even if it is ourselves ...


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