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Tue, Feb. 25

Letter: Racial profiling

There is a way to balance civil liberties and national security but Attorney General Eric Holder, a racist himself (anyone white is suspect), will soon announce new rules. You can bet civil liberties will beat out national security again.

Everyone remembers Japanese internments, a term not actually accurate. After Pearl Harbor, potentially dangerous enemy aliens, not American citizens, were detained, screened, apprehended, then released, paroled or sent to DOJ internment camps run by the DOJ under the Alien Enemies Act of 1798.

Soon, Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, resulting in the mass evacuation/re-location of Japanese from only the Pacific coast area. Meeting security standards, many left daily for work/school. In 1944, when camp closures were announced, some residents wanted them to remain longer.

Thousands of foreign nationals were also deported (Germans, Italians, Romanians, etc), others banned from our coastal areas. All Hawaiians were under martial law. I'm no FDR lover, but he put America's security first. Over the years it has only become known as terrible racial profiling.

When Arab Muslim hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001 hit our most important buildings in two of our most important cities, killing thousands for the simple reason, they hate America, President Bush did not follow in FDR's footsteps and put Arab Americans in detention camps.

He was even criticized for putting the most dangerous jihadists in Gitmo. One, since released, named Ansar al-Sharia, bin Laden's bodyguard, was behind the Benghazi attack.

And now that we know every single American is under constant surveillance by our government, Eric Holder will soon announce U.S. agents will be banned from including religion, national origin, gender or sexual orientation under a new federal definition of racial profiling.

Before insanity set in, a "suspect description" included everything remembered about a suspect. Forget skin color, garb worn that might be watched for. In other words, they eliminated any description that might be helpful or make sense. Immigration investigations were the same. Two groups, Latinos and Muslims, are especially off limits.

Imagine FDR's surprise.

Linda Athens


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