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Thu, April 25

South Cove launch needs work

DON MARTIN/Special to the Miner<BR>
The view from the parking area to the dock at South Cove.

DON MARTIN/Special to the Miner<BR> The view from the parking area to the dock at South Cove.

KINGMAN - With the water levels of Lake Mead continuing to drop fast, a couple of issues have developed that the Lake Mead National Recreational Area needs to address.

Probably the most serious of the issues facing anglers who want to use the South Cove launch area is the long and steep walk from the current parking area.

Daytime temperatures are now well over 100 degrees and anglers, and especially senior citizens and those with physical issues, face a tough and potentially dangerous walk up to get their vehicles.

I have suggested to the recreation area via email that they need to move the parking area much closer to the water and stripe the ramp for parking areas as they have done previously.

At this point, I have heard nothing back from them.

Another issue is the location of the dock.

Currently, boaters can only launch from the north side of the dock. It is getting close to the shoreline and the water is shallow.

The old concrete ramp is near the end, which means some kind of temporary ramp will be needed.

Without some serious work, launching and retrieval of boats will be hazardous and more restrictive.

Another complaint I have is there is no red navigation light in the water marking the South Cove launch ramp at night.

Years ago, there used to be a floating red navigation light and buoy just outside of the launch ramp that let boaters at night know where the ramp was.

That light and buoy are now gone, and with the long exposed peninsulas on either side of South Cove launch ramp, it is truly a hazard to navigation to not have a light out there.

One last complaint. No light on the dock. Again, there used to be a light on the end of the dock, but now there is none. I wonder why? For those boaters and anglers who fish at night, a light was very useful and made for much safer launch and retrieval of watercraft.

I am hoping that our new Mohave County Supervisor, Jean Bishop, and the rest of the Board of Supervisors are concerned about these issues and insist that the LMNRA address them promptly.

Tourism, including boating and fishing, are huge businesses in Mohave County, and South Cove is very important to the Meadview community.

I also hope that Tom Finley, regional supervisor for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, will weigh in and support the effort to keep the South Cove dock viable for anglers and boaters alike.

For those who are also concerned about these issues and would like to write a letter to Superintendent William Dickinson, send it to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, ATTN Superintendent William Dickinson, 601 Nevada Way, Boulder City, NV 89005.


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