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Sat, Dec. 14

Just Singin' Along

Just Singing Along

Why do we burst out in song? Maybe my sister and I just spend too much time together. It doesn't matter how old the song is, she still remembers the words. She took three months to learn our new phone number! But she can remember every song lyric from the sixties.

We can often be heard singing these songs while in a car, in a store, or just hanging around the house. Sometimes, as bizarre as it seems, we will both start singing the same song song, for no apparent reason. How do we know what song to sing? We have no idea.

Our mother used to sing a lot. She would even be humming along while ironing or doing dishes. I find myself doing the same thing. (Although, I admit I have not owned an iron for at least 20 years.)

We never have a radio or CD player on. (Is there something else that plays music now? I think we're a little out of touch.)

I believe people sing because they are happy. I don't recall that I did much singing when I was married. Although there was that one time. It was the day the divorce was final. (I also did a short dance, accompanied by a "YES!")

Some people will humm while they are enjoying a good meal. I think that is appropriate. At some of our holiday meals I recall everyone humming at once. ( We always did enjoy our food.)

When my sons still lived at home, they thought my singing was unusual. They got quite a kick out of some of my songs from television commercials. They insisted I didn't get the words right, and they thought that was real funny! What do they know? I would often threaten to burst out in song when the pizza delivery man came to the door. My son would beg me not to! ( I wasn't really gonna, but he didn't know that for sure.)

Our singing is a good indication of how things are going in our lives. I have noticed that we do a lot more singing during the first week of the month. I think this could have something to do with our pay day. We also seem to sing a lot more when small children leave our home after a visit!

Maybe everyone needs to have a singalong once in a while. It feels good.

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