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5:31 AM Sat, Dec. 15th

Older Than Dirt

One of my sisters grandkids called today. She is thinking about perhaps moving here to Kingman. She saw how inexpensive rents are here, and thinks this would be a good place to raise her two children.

First, I should probably mention that my sister has 15 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren. Indeed! Lots of breeders in this group!

Anyway, my sister was a lot surprised and a little happy about the phone call. We love all our grandchildren of course, but how many of them do you really need in your neighborhood?

My sister, in her usual loving way (ha-ha), tried to tell her about all the other differences between where they are now, and Kingman. This granddaughter thinks she needs air conditioning if the temperature is above 70. In her mind, she has visions of the children playing outside all day, in the GRASS!

"Grass!" my sister said. How about playing outside on the dirt/rocks? She has never been to a desert climate even for a visit. She also does not realize that when you rent here, you pay it all! Gas, electric, water, trash, and of course your cable and phone. In Washington state the owner usually pays the first four of these. Always, if you are in an apartment.

So, what does one do? Encourage her to bring her family here? Or not? Personally, I would just wait it out and figure she would change her mind down the road. Having moved here recently, I know how very expensive just the MOVE is.

And by the way, Map Quest gave us an estimate on the truck gas to get down her, and they were only off by twelve dollars. Wonder how they do that so good? Especially when you are going through more than one state, and gas prices can vary a lot!

Anyway, this whole grandchildren thing is a bit over-rated. Contrary to popular belief, they do not remain cute little babies forever. At some point, they only visit when they have to, and only call when they need something. I believe that starts when they enter their teens. And they only want your opinion if they think you will side with them against their parents. Sometimes I think they forget that you are the parent of one of their parents!

I myself only have a few grandchildren, and that is probably best. My very FIRST great-grandchild will be born in September. Wonder how that will go.

To all the good grandparents out there, I applaud you! I just don't think I am very good at it.