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Thu, Dec. 05

Why People Don't Understand Pain

I have found that most physicians received 1-2 hours of training on pain management in medical school.

I've found most people, as well as physicians, don't understand what pain does to someone, especially chronic pain. It changes you, your life, and everything about it.

Many times it doesn't look like there's anything wrong with us, but the same could be said of most people picking up medication at a pharmacy. On good days, I love to work around the house, or take a bike ride. On bad days, just standing up is a problem, and all you want, is for the pain to stop, just for a while.

Thank God We Don't Remember

If we could literally remember the pain from things like childbirth, or a severe burn, it would be just as painful, and we would be just as incapacitated by the memory of the pain, as we were by the actual pain. If this were true, I'm sure there would be a lot more single child families.

God in his great wisdom, made us with the ability to remember a painful event, but not the actual pain. This is good news for the human race, but bad news for pain patients.

It means people like Shana Malone, from the Criminal Justice Commission, can get up with no medical training, and tell physicians, and pharmacist, how to treat their patients.

At stakeholders meetings, she tells people she doesn't have chronic pain, and she doesn't think those who do need all those opioids. Her opinion is like everyone else, just an opinion.

In my experience as a deputy sheriff, deputy coroner, paramedic, and now as a patient with chronic pain. I can think of no situation where cops should tell physicians how to treat their patients.

Dr. Hurwitz was one of two physicians I found in 20 years, who I would say really understood chronic pain treatment. Dr. Hurwitz wrote, "The Police State of Medicine, Reflections on a Case of Regulatory Abuse," something everyone should read.

Our population is getting older, and patients with chronic pain are going to increase. Are we a nation who lets its citizens live and die in pain? If so, we have failed as a society.

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