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Sun, June 16

Keeping It Straight: The End of the Republican Party?

With great power comes great responsibility and responsibility at any level is something severely lacking within the Republican Party. I was pleased to see the election results that gave the Republicans control of both the House and Senate, because I feel the next two years of asininity by the GOP'ers will lead to their ultimate demise in 2016. The American people will awaken to the corporate demands made on GOP'ers who owe their very souls to the Satan that is corporate America and specialize in hiding behind Dark Money PACs. What are they so ashamed of that they will not admit who they support?

Watch for legislation that will, more than ever, favor the Dark Money blight over average Americans. More tax breaks for corporations, lowering of import tariffs, and the pushing for more outsourcing of American jobs to Asian countries (a la Willard the Money Hider) will become the purview of the anti-American GOP'ers who care less about our nation than the lining of their own pockets. And what was up with the BIG sign that GOP'ers presented at their press conference the day after the election that said STOP OBAMA! Why don't the GOP'ers actually have plans for what they intend to do? Oh, wait, they have no plans. Anything past OBAMA BAD is beyond their intellectual grasp.

STOP OBAMA is a curious rallying cry when the president has had many successes over the past nearly six years, despite the total obstructionism of GOP'ers and TEAbillies. Quote from 10/23/2010, Mitch McConnell, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." How'd that work out for you, Turtle Boy? So far in the "Obama Years" we have seen the stock market rise from the Bush disaster of 7,949 to 17,485 (11/05/2014), unemployment dropped from Bush's 15% to 5.8%, the deficit has dropped from 9.8% under Bush to the current 5.8%, GDP growth has gone from the -5.4% under Bush to +4.6% under Obama. And of course we cannot forget Obama pushed the intelligence community to find and ordered the military to kill Osama bin Laden, something Bush gave up on six months after 9/11 - 03/13/2002, Bush, "I truly am not that concerned about him." Remember, this was just SIX MONTHS after 9/11. Once again - President Bush tells the world he is "truly not that concerned" with catching the man who murdered 3,000 Americans just six months and two days earlier because, "we've marginalized him."

Under President Obama, domestic oil production has increased by 25 percent while oil imports have dropped by 25 percent. The American people now have access to affordable health care and for some bizarre reason GOP'ers feel it is important to take that health care access away from millions of Americans.

So much for GOP'ers actually doing anything other than continuing their last six years of obstructionism. And what ever happened to the "JOBS, JOBS, JOBS" promise the GOP'ers fooled the electorate with in both 2010 and 2012? Just another lie.

Of course, we will also see the sideshow antics of pushing for repeal of the ACA, again. A program the majority of Americans have found to be a positive in their lives as they are now able to purchase health care insurance and not be denied coverage based on "preexisting conditions." And GOP'ers will continue their battle against women as they attempt to restrict a woman's access to a legal medical procedure or contraception. And rest assured they WILL NOT actually move to undo Roe VS Wade - those promises have been broken so many times by GOP'ers it has become a national joke. Ronald the Dim told the intellectually challenged that if elected he would do it - after eight years he had never touched it. Bush the Daddy said if elected he would reverse Roe VS Wade - nope, he lied as well. Bush the Criminal also promised that if elected (both times) he would stop abortion in the United States - nope, never touched it. How many times will the gullible buy into these lies from GOP'ers? Many such show-boating antics can be expected that will help awaken Americans to just what a horrible mistake it was to allow these lowlifes access to the law-making body of this nation.


Looking ahead to 2016, we will once again be treated to the GOP'er Traveling Road Show and Circus as the Clown Car (a Yugoslavian built SUV provided by Willard the Money Hider as more evidence of his continuing hatred of American workers) rolls into the center ring filled with even more clowns than they could stir up in 2012. On board will most likely be some of the usual clowns - that goofy woman from Alaska - Lil Ayn Ryan (in his ill fitting suit and constantly befuddled expression) - Rick (Mr Theocracy) Santorum - Trump, The Guy with The Dead Hamster on His Head - Rick (SECEDE!) Perry - Lil Newtie who's only in it for the money - Rand (Ole Flip Flop) Paul (Oh, wait, Flippy will NOT be able to run in his home state unless he first gives up his Senate seat. Hmmm, whatever will Flippy do?) and with luck we can look forward to Crazy Eyes Bachmann - Ole 999 Cain - right beside Flippy's Daddy Ron.

And added to the Clown Car (good thing it's a big foreign built SUV) this time around will be three guys the birthers should be really upset about - Raphael (Canada Ted) with his Canadian B/C and Cuban Communist daddy (come on Raphael, show us your birth certificate!) - Lil Piyush Jindahl and his foreign born parents - Marco (I Don't Got a Clue) Rubio with his illegal alien parents, one of which was deported and the other jailed - some weird dude, Ben Carson, who is so bat-crap nuts even FAUX News fired him. Added to that mix will be - wait for it - Willard the Money Hider, the anti-American sleaze-loser who despises America and American workers so much he hides his money offshore to avoid paying taxes or supporting American businesses - Jeb Bush (what can I say - NO MORE BUSHES!) - another hater of American Workers, Scott (I Don't Stand a Chance) Walker - and don't forget "What Bridge?" Christie, whom I predict will be the GOP'er nominee, 'cause GOP'ers really love fat, crooked, bullies.

Can't wait to see that bright red Clown Car hit the streets followed by the usual laughter as each passenger makes a total fool of themselves.



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