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Mon, March 18

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Comprehensive Immigration Reform or Simply More Democrat Voters

President Obama has promised after the November general election to find a way to usher in "comprehensive immigration reform," better known to most of us as amnesty for millions. Not that he hasn't already allowed millions of illegals here on his watch, but if he follows through, it will be catastrophic.

Actually, our immigration policy (or lack thereof) is already catastrophic. Like the frog in the pot of water, unless you really look, you don't see how absolutely catastrophic it is. Election fraud alone is astonishing, with the latest investigation from the VA (Virginia) Voters Alliance discovering that 1 in 7 registered voters there is a non-citizen and up to 2.8 million non-citizens nationwide are registered to vote - more than enough to again effect the outcome of the general election.

We all know the liberal spiel by heart. We are a nation of immigrants. Those immigrants braved dangers, risked it all to make us what we are today.

Today's immigrants, like those of old, have a right to come here. They are as spiritually connected with our Founders as we are. Well, actually, they aren't.

Samuel Huntington in his book "Who Are We" argues that we are a nation of both settlers and immigrants, the former creating a new community where there was none, the latter coming to the new community the settlers created.

Every nation, of course, is a nation of immigrants, including Mexico and the Central American countries.

While the current administration prefers ignoring the guidance in our founding documents, nevertheless, it is there. Our brilliant Founding Fathers didn't miss much.

The Declaration of Independence reads "to secure these (unalienable) rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." "It is the Right of the People to alter or abolish (the government) and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness."

Have "we the governed" really consented to the current state of immigration in our country? Are current immigration practices affecting the "safety and happiness" of "we the governed?"

Ask border ranchers and study state budgets overwhelmed with immigrants they are obliged to care for. Ask the father who paid full price for his child's college education while the illegal received special rates. Ask those who were thrown out of work in one of 60-plus hospitals closed in California, with 40 more teetering due to lack of payment from illegals, because the law requires emergency departments to treat everyone who enters.

Even bringing this up leaves one subject to being considered mean, racist, xenophobic, even unAmerican. After all, these immigrants "do jobs Americans won't do" and "are people of faith who maintain our properties, harvest our food, raise our children ... therefore, their lawbreaking is of personal necessity and societal value," we are told.

All too often those "jobs Americans won't do" are not only jobs Americans were doing, but were often jobs held by black Americans. The African-American unemployment rate is the highest in the land, a fact President Obama has ignored for years.

We hear we must bring these immigrants out of the shadows, reward them with citizenship. This is demeaning to American citizens for whom the government actually does exist. In fact, it is insanity. Citizenship is to be granted by the consent of the governed, not the actions of the alien. And it should be granted only to those aliens who pledge their allegiance to America.

And yet, in more insanity, under this administration our own immigration department is now selling U. S. citizenship through fertility clinics (rent a womb), having changed the definition of a citizen. No longer does the mother have to be in a genetic relationship with the child she carries. China, Saudi Arabia, any country with the price, usually over $100,000, can hire an American woman to carry a child to term for them and that child will be a new American citizen, belonging to them.

Meanwhile, what is left of our government is justified and has an obligation to qualify immigration to those most likely to contribute to the well-being of our society, creating conditions in which aliens of all backgrounds can be absorbed into our American culture.

In 1965, LBJ, pushing his Great Society, signed the Hart-Cellar Act. Both he and Ted Kennedy assured us we wouldn't be flooded w/immigrants, the ethnic mix wouldn't change, we wouldn't be inundated with immigrants from any one country.

Abolishing national quotas favoring European immigrants, Hart-Cellar opened the floodgates for Latin America and ushered in for the first time chain migration, giving higher preference to relatives of permanent resident aliens than those with special job skills.

Throwing out the preservation of American society by the consent of the governed, now aliens themselves would decide who would come here through family reunification. With this in place, we now have poorer, less educated, less skilled coming. As Third World countries deteriorated, more millions came.

Added to this, Mexico consistently and aggressively interferes in our affairs, pushing their poor out with lies like the Southwest United States rightfully belongs to Mexico. Their 50 or so Mexican Consulates in the U.S. publish guides on how to get here illegally. Their U.S. attorneys assist illegals in our country, issuing them cards that they then use to push American officials to accept as valid IDs for driver licenses, checking accounts, mortgage lending.

To add insult to injury, we now consider babies born of illegals in our country as being American citizens. Not only is this absurd but completely wrong, the Fourteenth Amendment being intended for the children of slaves. Illegals and their children are subject to the jurisdiction of their home country no matter where born.

The overall enormity of the current migration by illegals to the United States is astonishing, with nearly every service in our country being overwhelmed. In some areas, English is no longer even spoken, others speak English "less than very well." Hispanic families receive four times more welfare than non-Hispanic families and yet fewer Hispanics that are eligible even bother to become American citizens. If they don't even learn our language, the glue that has always held us together, how could they possibly understand anything about our beginnings. And yet, my voter guidebook came this week. The first 89 pages are in English, the next 89 pages are in Spanish.

Rather than Americanizing aliens as we once did into our culture, language, traditions, history, the cultures from which aliens fled are given equal accord with the American culture. Little of our own wonderful founding even appears in the latest American history books. Often, when it does, it is with a negative slant as in evil white slave owners. While slavery was foisted on us by England, Mexico willingly took four times more slaves than we did.

A hundred years ago, Jewish tailors created New York's garment industry, Italian stonemasons/bricklayers built some of our greatest buildings. German merchants brought needed skills, as did many others at a time when we needed them to expand our economy.

We now need our economy expanded by the millions of people who are already American citizens who have either lost work or had their hours cut.

For President Obama to even consider amnesty for 4-8 million more illegals soon is simply unacceptable. We need to throw out biculturalism, multi-culturalism and dual citizenship and embrace and respect our own identity, principles, institutions - all that once made us the envy of the world.

If we turn away and ignore these problems much longer, we just may cease to exist.

"Citizens, either by birth or choice, of a common country, that country has the right to concentrate your affections," George Washington said. "The name of America, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations."


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