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Tue, Sept. 17

Beyond the Mainstream Media: So, Who is the Real Chickens**t?

This week, Jeffrey Goldberg, a President Obama devotee, wrote in The Atlantic that a senior White House official, among other things, referred to our good friend and only real ally in the Mideast, Israel's Bibi Netanyahu, as a chickens**t.

To be honest, I'm not that surprised. I'm embarrassed and ashamed of the infantile behavior coming out of this White House, but certainly not surprised. Nor am I surprised Obama has done nothing to reveal this person to us, then throw him out on his ear. That would be because Obama himself dislikes Netanyahu and makes no bones about it. Forget that Israel, one of our closest allies for some 60 years, is the only truly free country in that area.

I still recall the president leaving Netanyahu sitting alone in the White House, making no attempt to feed Netanyahu and his group while Obama himself announced he was going upstairs to have his dinner. This the same POTUS who throws lavish parties for America-hating Hollywood lefties and big Ishtar dinners for his Muslim friends.

Attorney and former prosecutor Ari Lieberman, writing on World Net Daily, reminds us of a little of both men's history. On May 8, 1972, "Barry" Obama is soaking up the rays in Hawaii, probably imbibing in a little illegal smoke if we can believe what he himself wrote in one of his own books.

Across the world, Palestinian terrorists hijacked Sabena flight 571 from Vienna to Tel Aviv. Quickly putting together a plan to rescue the hostages are among others, Israeli Special Forces (Sayeret Matkal) brothers Benjamin and Yoni Netanyahu, who have volunteered. They argue about which brother should go, finally leaving it in the hands of their commander, Ehud Barak. Barak chooses Benjamin (Bibi).

These commandos dress as airline techs, board the plane and quickly overpower and neutralize the terrorists, rescuing the hostages. Bibi is wounded. Carried across the tarmac, Yoni greets his brother with a half-joke that it should have been he that went in the first place.

Four years later, Yoni will be killed while leading the successful Entebbe rescue mission.

To say there is a chasm between Obama and Netanyahu would be an understatement. Netanyahu, surrounded by dozens of Islamic countries, many of whom want Israel wiped off the map, spends his life keeping his country and people safe. Time and again, he has extended the hand of friendship, given up land, tried valiantly to bring peace to the area, only to be greeted by more rockets on his country. When the Israelis fight back to save themselves, the mainstream media writes pro-Palestinian articles about the Israelis targeting civilians, a complete lie.

Truth be known, Hamas puts women and children out in front, often tying them in place when the incoming Israeli fire starts.

Obama, on the other hand, does little to protect us - either from Ebola, intruders coming across our open borders, or from the diseases they often carry that we no longer had in our own country. Not only do Latinos enter by the millions, Qurans and muslim prayer mats are often found. Signs directing the illegals to water on our side are now printed in Chinese.

That violent Mexican gangs have teamed up with Islamic terrorists on our southern border is now old news. Many crimes including murders are committed by illegals in our country, and still the borders remain open.

And yet, rather than addressing these problems, Obama and Michelle have spent much of their time treating themselves to lavish vacations on our dime, often taking as many as 500 "friends" with them. There are the endless golf games and Hollywood parties at the White House.

So who is the real chickens**t and who is the real hero of the people. I leave the choice to you.

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