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Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: A-OK with Kingman's MRAP

All of the liberals are raising a big fuss about the police department getting an Army surplus MRAP [mine-resistant ambush protected] vehicle.

Most of them are so uninformed that they failed to realize the city was given the MRAP. The only costs incurred were for the transportation of the vehicle to Kingman, and the repurposing of it for police use. The funds were from money seized in drug busts, reselling seized property and so on.

It didn't cost the city anything. So, stop sniveling.

I have no problem with the police having an MRAP. I would rather see it in the hands of our police than in the hands of some country that hates us. In fact, I wouldn't be alarmed if they off-loaded a couple of M-1 Abrams tanks with "Kingman Police Department" emblazoned on the sides.

One thing I've learned is it's always better to have too much than be caught with inadequate equipment. You can always exercise a bit of restraint with a powerful war machine, but an old pick-up with plywood armor sometimes won't do.

If the MRAP saves one civilian or officer's life, it's well worth the intimidation factor.

Many people think the police are becoming too militarized. Of course, if some had their way, the cops would be riding around on bicycles, wearing Speedos, carrying a bag of water balloons.

Don't be misled by the media. The majority of their sensationalized headlines are based on knowing only part of the story. Truth be known, cops don't drive around all day waiting to pull poor, unsuspecting, innocent people over just to hassle them. They have other things to do. If a cop kicks your door in, you should have opened it when asked. Got Tased? You should have never put your hands on an officer. The list goes on.

Stop whining about the police. We hired them to protect us and our property.

Besides, we may need that MRAP sooner than some expect, what with ISIS terrorists sneaking across the border every day.

Samuel Will


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