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Tue, March 26

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Conservative Republicans Prepare - We Were Racists, Now We're Back to Sexists

For seven long years under the Obama administration, liberals, with their morally superior attitude have wrongly called Conservatives racist. That is because they have also wrongly believed Barack Obama is our first black POTUS and think we Conservatives don't like that. Obama is, in fact, half Arabic but is being considered black (as in descended from African slavery) and because it has worked so well for him, he has never bothered to actually explain to his liberal followers their mistake.

In fact, true blacks who did descend from African slavery, such as Condi Rice, know that it was Obama's Arabic ancestors who sold blacks into slavery. Obama has been mum about that, as well as the fact his own mother's family owned slaves. He was vocal about the fact his mother was white, however, which makes him ... well, racist.

So with Obama, liberals have looked at skin color, not the conservatives. And incidentally, Condi Rice, Republican, was portrayed in cartoons done by Democrats as Aunt Jemima with fat lips.

The Democrat party has a long history of racism. Democrat Nathan B. Forrest founded the Ku Klux Klan. The Democrat Conventions for years celebrated the Klan and it's leaders. The Democrat Party in the south instituted Jim Crow laws and "separate but equal."

Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, leader of the very destructive progressive movement, segregated federal buildings and jobs that largely Republican administrations had integrated for some 50 years.

Democrat George Wallace pushed "Segregation Forever." Democrat Orval Faubus wanted the National Guard of Arkansas to enforce segregation but Republican President Eisenhower sent in the 101st Airborne to integrate the schools.

Sheriff Bull Connor, a Democrat national committeeman, turned the hoses on Birmingham marchers.

As Al Gore's father, Al Sr. (Grand Kleagle in the Klan) and Democrat William Fulbright filibustered it, the 1964 Civil Rights Act was pushed through by the Republicans. The Dixiecrats, many say, joined the Republican party. It didn't happen. And Colin Powell suffered one of the most vile insults from Democrats in spite of the fact he is left leaning and supported Obama. He served in a Republican administration, so that apparently made him evil.

But the times are now changing and so will the name calling coming out of the Democrat Party, for they now have their hands full defending Hillary Clinton's upcoming run for POTUS. With her skin too white to call us racists, those men running will now be known as sexists as evidenced this week by a left wing woman libber posing as a bonafide journalist.

Interviewing Senator Rand Paul, she tried taking him to task for anything she could make stick and because he fought back, he is now, of course, a sexist. We're back to the war on women. Beware and watch for it is coming. The women's libbers want to be equal and tough, but take them on and you're a man ... and that automatically makes you a sexist. And that's the only card they have to play to defend Hillary Clinton's run, for she is sinking like a rock.

Sen. Cruz just raised $31 million in one week, Sen. Paul is neck in neck with Hillary in Iowa and poor Hillary still has those pesky six plus investigations, her illegal server and missing e-mails problem.

You better believe, there is panic in the back rooms of the Democrat party. They will be even more panicked if we have a debate between Hillary and Carly Fiorina, who it looks like will also be running. What a great evening of TV that would be!


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