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Fri, July 19


Under the theory that the more things change, the more they stay the same, we turn our attention to the fact it's the same old Clintons, just different scandals. It comes as no surprise that Hillary, against all rules and regulations, and as Secretary of State no less, used her own personal server kept at her home in Chappaqua, NY, for national and international business, much of which surely must have been classified rather than the yoga info and her mother's funeral plans she is trying to convince us were there.

At least two e-mails were Top Secret, indicating they could cause grievous harm to our country and/or our military. If retrievable, there will surely be more.

That she would put us all in harm's way does not surprise me at all. Hillary and Bill are old hands at putting people in harm's way, as for instance on April 19, 1993, with the FBI assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. Some 76 people, mostly women and children, were incinerated by our government. Infants too small to wear masks were subjected to probably six hours of CS gas before dying.

Bill Clinton lied his way through Waco, stating soon after, "I don't think the U. S. government is responsible for the fact that a bunch of fanatics decided to kill themselves?" There was no evidence of that. It has been widely reported that the Branch Davidian leader walked to town daily and could have been picked up at any time.

Years of following both Clintons show me this is the norm in their world. During their Arkansas years, some 100 people affiliated with the Clintons either went to jail or were charged with crimes. Dozens of others died from suspicious causes, not the least of which was Vince Foster, Hillary's long time law partner and (it's said) lover of three years.

Concerning the server, Hillary's top aide of over 20 years, Huma Abeden, shared the same server, and that's illegal, too. Both of Huma's parents were involved in the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood among other anti-American groups. And we know Huma had access to every government secret Hillary had access to, for Huma and Hillary are joined at the hip.

This should worry us greatly, but the Clinton's have dragged us through so many scandals and thuggery through the years. It's possible we are numb to their corruption.

And it is legion - from Chinagate, Filegate, Travelgate, Pardongate, Whitewater, Benghazi, Monica Lewinsky, Bill and the Arkansas Drug Cartel. Then there's the murder of Clinton's Little Rock head of security, Jerry Parks; the death of Vince Foster; the alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick by Bill Clinton, not once, but twice; the disappearance of Hillary's Rose law firm records cattle futures; impeachment and all the Clinton lies surrounding it. (See Sellout, The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment - David P. Schippers, Chief Investigative Counsel), etc etc.

One might wonder why the Clinton's don't wear out or maybe do the honorable thing once in a while. But the Clinton's have no honor in them. Due to the very dishonorable way they have conducted their lives, Hillary cannot even step down as a presidential candidate because she owes people and countries everywhere big time.

You see, as secretary of state, Hillary took multiple millions from countries worldwide for the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation (a foundation that gives a paltry 15 percent to charity) in exchange for favors when she becomes POTUS. Rough times have now hit, but she believes she is immune to prosecution as she has been so many times in the past. She must soldier, on for if there are two things in life Bill and Hillary have in common, it is their lust for power and lust for money.

Her trips also included setting up speaking engagements worldwide for both, Bill's usually starting at $500,000 for an hour speech with an end result that while she stated they left the White House flat broke, they are now worth some $200 million dollars.

In keeping with their always skirting the law, they also donated millions to their own charity, which itself is a very suspect organization, then retrieved it for themselves through seedy means which included making their bookkeeping very hard to understand ...just as Planned Parenthood does.

It would take a set of books to list all the harrassment, intimidation, victims, outright lawbreaking, perjury and corruption the two Clintons have committed, but let's take a little walk down memory lane anyway and review a few.

Under the Clintons (remember, Bill promised if elected we would get two for the price of one), audits were done on the Heritage Foundation, NRA, Citizens Against Government Waste, American Spectator (which was also burglarized several times), David Horowitz's Center, Citizens for Honest Government, National Review, Concerned Women for America, Western Journalism and many others, all considered right wing and all considered people who had crossed Bill by exposing Clinton corruption. The Washington Times reported not a single left wing organization was audited during the Clinton Years.

Individuals audited - Gennifer Flowers (Bill's love interest for many years), Juanita Broaddrick (allegedly raped twice by Bill when she volunteered to meet him to help him get elected governor of Arkansas; Clinton deeply bit her lip to hold her down as she fought back), Bill O'Reilly audited repeatedly, and Billy Dale (Director of the White House Travel Office that Hillary fired along with seven others so as to put Clinton cousins and friends in the jobs. When Dale fought back, he was audited and Hillary accused him of embezzlement. He was later found guiltless).

While Bill was Arkansas governor and POTUS, Hillary ran a campaign of intimidation and harrassment to threaten, scare, even stalk women who came out about their sexual improprieties with Bill. And it included women too afraid to come out against Bill. Always standing by Bill the womanizer, it was Hillary who ran the real war on women, something many women considered being used as a doormat.

When the Lewinsky story broke, Hillary went on the Today Show, mentioned three of the women (Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, Dolly Kyle Browning) saying it was all an attack by the "vast right wing conspiracy ... a continuing political campaign against my husband".

Except the women were Democrats, often met by Bill while they were helping with his various campaigns. And Bill admitted to several of the affairs.

When Kathleen Willey finally tried to write about her sexual harrassment, her home was burglarized in an effort to destroy her information for a book she was readying for a publisher.

But she did get it published and alleged Hillary had originally used her father and brother to keep an eye on Bill's already many affairs (Jerome Levin - The Clinton Syndrome), moved up to private investigators (affectionately referred to as "The Truth Squad") and then there was the Betsey Wright brigade in Little Rock where they kept watch on Bill's sordid deeds, such as using the Arkansas state troopers to procure women for him, then had them stand watch while he committed adultry.

And there were the alleged cocaine parties which included step- brother Roger Clinton. But the deeper story behind Clinton and cocaine reads like a Tom Clancy novel, so bizarre it is hard to believe the Clintons made it on to the White House. For more on that, simply Google Dan Lasater.

While Clinton feigned barely knowing Lasater, Clinton's security detail, under oath, testified Lasater came and went thru the governor's kitchen door, Clinton flew everywhere on Lasater's Lear jet, including to the Kentucky Derby, and the detail often took Clinton to Lasater's home.

Oddly, Lasater's contact with the future first family came into being when Lasater met Clinton's mother at Oaklawn Race Track in Hot Springs, Ark., a place Virginia frequented and where Clinton grew up.

I have been there and questioned the locals about the Clintons. To a person, they all said there are no Clinton Lived Here signs because they are ashamed of them, don't want people to know they even lived there.

Lasater employed Patsy Thomasson to work his Angel Fire Lodge in New Mexico, another alleged drop point for Colombian cocaine. And all too soon, Bill Clinton installed Thomasson as executive secretary of the Arkansas Democratic Party to help his presidential aspirations, then that done, he catapulted her to one of the most powerful positions in Washington, director of the White House Office of Administration, in charge of personnel, computers, security and drug testing.

As governor, Clinton created the Arkansas Development and Finance Administration (ADFA), supposedly to provide low interest finance for economic development. A similar one already existed, but this one was allegedly created for Dan Lasater to launder dirty money. Along the way, many people were used, had hits put on their lives and some did actually die. (The Secret Life of Bill Clinton - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard).

One such death was Jerry Parks, head of Clinton security in Little Rock. In deeply with Vince Foster, Hillary's Rose Law firm partner, shortly before Clinton's presidential run, Hillary asked Vince to have Parks keep files on Bill's affairs to make sure they would even be able to run for the presidency without it destroying her and Chelsea.

Park's wife Jane managed the Vantage Point, an apartment complex where Bill Clinton housed his cocaine-addicted half-brother Roger. And it was there Bill and Roger allegedly met to do marijuana and cocaine, and party with young women brought there by state troopers. Some appeared to be teenagers.

And due to making a large room into two rooms, the partition was so thin, Jane Parks and other office personnel often had to vacate their office out of embarrassment.

So Jerry Parks allegedly got the goods on Clinton, including pictures for Vince Foster and Hillary, but never turned the files over to Foster because Clinton went ahead and ran and won the presidency.

However, Hillary, hysterical that the files were still out there, had Vince call Parks to obtain them lest they might be used against Clinton and herself while in the presidency.

Parks balked at letting them go, perhaps thinking it might be protection from vengeful Clintons.

A few days later, Vince Foster was found dead in a D.C. park, Parks house was burglarized and the files stolen, and Parks was assassinated in a drive-by shooting in Little Rock.

Both Foster's wife and Parks wife were railroaded. Statements were attributed to Mrs. Foster she never said but which helped make Foster's death look like a suicide, and Parks wife was afraid to speak up for years, finally moving out of town to feel safer.

But years later, safely moved and re-married, Mrs. Parks did spill the beans about what her first husband knew and participated in with Bill Clinton. The allegations can only be described as astonishing.

And - no surprise - Patsy Thomasson was one of the women rifling through the files in Vince Foster's office at the White House at Hillary's request as soon as Vince Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park a few miles away. Thomasson left with piles of files, took Hillary's initials off others and basically cleaned out anything connecting Hillary to what was instantly ruled a suicide. All evidence in Foster's death, some say, absolutely pointed to a homicide.

Foster was the highest ranking official of the executive branch to die under suspicious circumstances since JFK. Brought to D.C. by Bill Clinton, Foster and Hillary were Rose Law Firm partnersin Little Rock (of missing files fame), and Foster and Hillary were not only best friends but allegedly had a three-year-long affair. Foster was now handling the private business affairs of the First Family of the White House. On July 20, 1993, Foster was planning on meeting his wife for a dinner date. But he disappeared from his office, found hours later dead in dense underbrush by a witness walking through Fort Marcy Park, Va. No gun was seen anywhere by the witness, who left to report it to park police. But one soon appeared and the witness had also noticed other things. What turned out to be Vince Foster's car with thug looking men in and around it, then another car very similar. Another witness saw men running away from the body. In spite of the gun story not fitting and the gun left by the body reportedly not matching the one Foster was shot with, it continued to be ruled a suicide. Yet another Clinton coverup, this one so intricate it was hard to even follow but can be found in "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton" by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Anyone planning to vote for Hillary Clinton certainly needs to at least read this book.

Setting aside the many other scandals of Bill and Hillary Clinton, all equally as bad, I will end with one that could have had a hint of humor, were it not for the fact it was all committed by the president of the United States and his wife and their friends and employees in the White House, OUR house, the PEOPLE'S house, not their own house. No, their own house they did not vandalized, they only used it to HOUSE illegally the people's business.

In 2001, upon leaving the White House, I watched on TV as the Bushes were coming in the front door, greeted by the former occupants. At the same time, a large moving van was still in the back ... loading. The press repeatedly made mention of this and laughed about it. We were later to learn what was being loaded was $190,000 worth of furnishings/paintings belonging to the White House, all to be delivered to the Clinton home in Chappaqua, N.Y.

Along with that theft, they stole a presidential seal and the GAO reported their people did $14,000 worth of damage on the way out the door, including stealing all the W's off the computer keyboards. They smeared glue around, broke desks, dumped trash on the floors, sprayed graffiti on White House walls disparaging Geo. W Bush, stole door knobs, medallions and signs (World Net Daily and others).

Such a class act, the Clintons, but it goes right along with other unbelievable acts they committed while residing there, including selling seats on overseas trade missions, selling commissionerships and judgeships, renting out overnight stays to the Lincoln bedroom, selling graves at Arlington, selling rides on Air Force One, selling meetings with key Clinton-Gore administration leaders and one of the worst, Chinagate, where Hillary masterminded a scheme where Clinton-Gore took communist Chinese bank bribes to bankroll their re-election run.

Watergate, Whitewater, Benghazi and others will have to wait for another day. Meanwhile, it is hard for me to believe anyone would want either Clinton back in the White House. Me, I've just been wondering if pantsuits come in prison orange ... just in case justice is ever finally served.


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