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Tue, March 26

Older Than Dirt: Junk Mail

I sometimes wish I could have the money being spent to send junk mail. I realize they get a bulk rate, but still it costs a bunch. I get everything, including stuff from insurance companies trying to sell me car insurance. That's always funny to me, since I have never driven a car. It goes on from there to credit card applications and wanting to know if I am interested in selling my home. I wonder if they just ignore the fact that they are mailing it to an address with an apartment number!

My great-granddaughter enjoys junk mail. My son lets her play with it on their floor after he tells her she got mail! She appears to actually be trying to figure out what it is all about, just before tearing it to shreds.

I don't think people use the postal system near as much as they did in the old days. Who can afford the cost of stamps anymore? It is kind of a tossup as to whether you want to do everything on the computer and risk the hackers getting into your stuff, or use the snail mail, as regular mail is now often referred to as.

Just today I got a post card from the department of motor vehicles reminding me that it was time to register my car. They would be delighted to assist me with this if I would like to provide them with the vin number of my vehicle. Why do you suppose they would want to do that? It looked very official and legitimate.

Even if I owned a car, would I be eager to contact them as they asked? I don't think so!

At least once a week I get mail that is not mine. It is not for the former residents, but actually for some of my other family members that do not and have not ever lived at this address. I sometimes get letters/ads addressed to my brother trying to sell him life insurance. Sadly, that brother passed away some months ago. I am often tempted to call the morons and ask what kind of deal they want to offer, and then inform them that my brother is deceased!

I vaguely remember when junk mail was delivered on one day a week. All the store ads and mail that said "pre-sorted" came on the same day. That is obviously no longer the case. When I open the mail box, it usually has junk mail every day.

I have recently been getting lots of small magazines from mail-order companies that are actually addressed to me. I find it a little odd that I never ordered from any of these companies, and do not even know how they have my address. Do you think perhaps someone out there is providing the names of people, and their addresses? Just maybe?

Aren't we all too familiar with the mail that has a key glued onto it? If you just take this key and go to the car dealership you have a GOOD chance that it will open the door to a brand new car. And it is FREE! These things have been coming in the mail for years. I am still waiting for just ANYONE to come forward who has won a car.

It has become more difficult for salespeople to annoy us with phone calls, thanks to caller I.D., so many of them have turned again to your mail! Most people don't answer the door, so there is little hope for the door to door salesman left.

I used to enjoy when the Fuller Brush man came to our house. My mother never had money to actually buy anything, but they always had neat stuff to show us and they always gave some kind of free gift just for letting them in to your house.

The World Book and Britannica encyclopedia company was another regular visitor. They were always very nice and Mama always let them in. I am not really sure if they are gone because of the internet/web or because people finally wised up to inviting strangers into the house. It was probably both. Indeed the days of hearing "Just look it up in the encyclopedia are long gone."

I wonder if junk mail will survive all the changes in how people do things. What would the post office do if all of a sudden no more junk mail? Could there someday be another way to bombard us with ads? I believe there already is. It is called Spam and it comes right into your computer e-mail.

Someone told me that there is a way to end the junk mail in your mail box. Something you can fill out at the post office, and they will no longer bring it to you. I don't know that I am quite ready for that yet. Who knows? There may still be hope of winning the Publishers Clearing House money!


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