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Tue, Jan. 21

Guest Column: A different view of Planned Parenthood

Nearly everything News Editor Alan Choate wrote in his Aug. 16 column on Planned Parenthood was wrong. I know because I picketed PP for years in a big city and collected a lot of their own literature. In it they lie, push homosexual sex on very young people and so much more, their idea being to get into the school system by first-grade and encourage sex no matter the kid's age, morals, whatever.

PP's literature is so explicit it is shocking. PP encourages abortions be hidden from parents and NEVER mentions adopting the child out or possibly keeping it. And God forbid the girl might want to see a sonogram where she would see a baby that sucks it's thumb, hiccups and even urinates in the womb. It is not the mass of tissue that was described to her.

The methods to kill the babies is worse than what was done in concentratioin camps in Europe. Saline abortions burn the baby's skin off and burn the lungs up, but it takes hours and possibly up to two days. Young girls have said they could feel the baby for hours knocking around while being slowly killed by the saline.

Mr. Choate, there is no evidence of useful research utilizing organs harvested from aborted babies, and you could be advised of why that is with a little research on your own. While being proven to be worthless, even if their poor little bodies helped some malady, is it worth it for the now 65 million who have died in U.S. abortion mills? One-third of our future black population has been wiped out from abortion. Incidentally, hundreds survive abortions only to be put in a bucket of water to drown or in a covered bucket to suffocate. This is how low America has stooped. Think about it.

PP was founded by Margaret Sanger, whose goal was to weed out blacks, slavs, Hispanics, those she felt were feeble minded, etc. She was a drug addict who advocated complete sexual freedom, including group sex, while she was still married. Her booklets were so obscene she was charged and had to scurry to Europe to avoid prosecution. While there she carried on her sexcapades with Havelock Ellis and others whose names might be familiar to you.

She was also for forced labor camps for the feeble-minded where, in exchange for them being in the camp, they would be sterilized. A profound lover of all things Nazi, she used the services of a number of Nazi doctors. She was into eugenics big time and, like Hitler, wanted to weed out and produce a superior white race. That's why she tried to get her clinics set up in black neighborhoods.

In New York state, more black babies are now aborted then are allowed to be born. A few years back, social worker Erma Craven reported 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology lab in LA. Of those, 12,000 to 15,000 were black.

PP has NEVER done mammograms nor much of anything else in the way of women's services, which can be had at women's clinics nationwide and often, once a year, for free. It is a complete lie that Planned Parenthood provides numerous women's health service. It is and has been from the start in the business of killing babies. That IS their cash crop and they get a billion dollars a year of our tax dollars. They cook the books, intermingle their bookkeeping so it is hard to decipher, and were it not for those who have left PP due to the gruesome Nazi flavor of their slaughtering the unborn, we might not be aware that 93 percent of their business is abortions.

From the beginning, Planned Parenthood has sold baby parts, but there is a big worry that they are selling babies still alive now and doing experiments on them.

It is hard to believe this Silent Holocaust is taking place in the U S. Please re-think your position.

Thanks for listening. I appreciate it.

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