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Mon, Aug. 19

Letter: Government: Leave my pain management alone

I am 64 years old and suffer from chronic pain due to scoliosis, endometriosis and irritable bowel syndrome. I have been on pain medications most of my life.

Upon moving to Kingman years ago, we had to give up Kaiser Insurance for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It was extremely hard to locate a doctor here to treat and address my pain. I was 5'6" then went to 5'3" for no clear reason. I went from 125 pounds to 87 pounds. Again, no reason was found for this.

At one doctor appointment, another person was talking about a pain management clinic. I asked and was told about the Arizona Institute for Pain Management on Stockton Hill Road and a doctor Attiya Salim. She saw me and did a full workup of tests and x-rays. I was told by her I had scoliosis that had never been diagnosed or treated. She then started me on a series of steroid injections from my neck all the way down my back, including my right leg.

This woman was a gift from God for me. Slowly I began to gain movement and the ability to walk once more, no longer bed-ridden. Even though I can only receive the shots once every three months, she also prescribed pain medications for use as the shot began to wear off. This much-needed treatment has completely changed my entire life.

I only read certain parts of our local newspaper. That being the horoscope and letters to the editor. I noted one letter about how the government is monitoring when we can or can't take a "pain pill." How can they regulate this? Do they use x-ray glasses to see our bone structure or do they just guess? That being said, I feel it's abusive to persons with chronic pain issues. We have to sign our life away just to pick up a pain prescription at our pharmacy.

Obamacare? I think he has done enough damage already.


Ellen L. Braden



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