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Wed, April 24

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Just Say No to Allahu Akbar Song to be Sung in School Christmas Pageant

My intent this morning, after a month of rushing, was to sit down and write a blog about happy Christmas's in the past - this after attending a beautiful wedding in Texas of a granddaughter, an event which brought back many wonderful memories.

Instead, I spent the morning calling the Anoka-Hennepin School district in Blaine, Minnesota (763-506-1000) after reading they are including an allahu akbar song, sung in Arabic by the school children at their holiday concert. I told them, were I there, I would be picketing their school district to not do so.

In it, the song says, "Ramadan has come and gone - Eid has come upon us. Thank you Allah for this blessed day ..."

No, I'm not Islamophobic; I'm educated. Political correctness and multi-culturalism can go square to hell where they belong, for they have done more damage to our country in the past few decades than anything else I can name, other than having Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as two of our presidents.

This is the Christmas/Hannukah season in the United States. We are not celebrating Islam, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as the savior of the world.

For those who have been brave enough to complain (coming on the heels of Paris and the San Bernardino attacks, the worst in the U. S. since 9-11 - carried out by a Muslim woman, no less, who lied to get into the U.S. and a man who was born here - who can blame many for being afraid to speak out), they have been told if any student doesn't feel comfortable singing the song, they won't have to and it won't even affect their grade? How absolutely charitable.

How about if the Christian/Jewish songs offend any Muslim students, THEY can opt out and THEIR grades won't be affected?

If they were not born here and they moved here with no intent of melding in, as was our founders' intent, then there are dozens and dozens of Muslim countries across the pond that they may return to. (I am by no means saying Muslims should have Christianity shoved down their throat. I just want people being respectful of the fact that we are founded on Judeo-Christianity.)

Let's look at the similarities in the religions. The Muslims perpetrated the first war on the United States (Barbary Pirates War), kidnapping many Americans for ransom on the high seas. They still do it today. But why? Simply because our founders were Christians. We do not go looking for Muslims to kidnap simply because they choose not to be Christians. We may lovingly witness Christ to them but any choice to turn to Him is absolutely their choice. Millions of Muslims are doing just that in spite of the fact they face almost certain death for apostasy if they so choose.

Islamic women are treated as chattel, often even bought and sold. In many Mideast countries, genital mutilation is forced upon them. And often there is more than just one wife for a Muslim man.

In many Muslim countries, girls are unable to attend school, women cannot drive and can only leave the house with a male in attendance. If a Muslim woman is raped, it is she who is stoned to death, not the rapist.

Homosexuals are thrown off tall buildings to their deaths because they are homosexuals.

And while Muslim men dream of their supposed 72 virgins awaiting them after death, did you ever hear what the Muslim women are promised in paradise? Besides their clothes never wearing out (What, no clothes shopping trips? Not even a new burka now and then?) and enough food to eat, the other promise is too disgusting and lewd to even print in a paper. You'll have to look it up on your own.

Christians are promised eternal life with Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace who died on a cross in our place and for our sins. Islam works the other way around, asking their people to martyr themselves.

And a Muslim woman must be able to prove she is a virgin on her wedding night. Today we learn Germany and a few other European countries now inundated with new Muslim immigrants are selling fake hymens with dried blood powder in them for the Muslim women to insert in themselves before their wedding night. There has to be a showing of blood or, in some countries, they can even be killed. But it gets worse. The new in-laws must come in and inspect the sheets for blood after the act. Yuck!

One problem for the Muslim women. Many are in such a state of flux right now, it is not uncommon for them to be raped as they move to different areas in Europe and the Middle East. Thus, while not their fault, again, it will be them injured or killed for not being a virgin.

Is there any remote similarity in our religions and theirs? None at all. While there are millions of peaceful Muslims who do not follow all of the tenants of Islam, it is absolutely not a religion of peace, never was and never will be.

The country of Sweden decided to go a step further in their open borders policy a few years back and today, thanks to millions of Muslims pouring in, 1 in every 4 Swedish women is now raped by a Muslim man. Many are too afraid to even report it to authorities. In 15 years, statistics show Swedish people will be the minority in their own country. .

Americans need to listen up and take notice. Britain is also inundated and Germany and others are fast going the same way. Europe will never be the same again.

Yes, I am definitely NOT for having an allahu akbar song sung in Blaine, Minn., this Christmas, a song which could give Christian and Jewish children the idea Islam is similar to their own religions. For while Islam has "borrowed" many of our Biblical prophets' names, including Jesus, and have included someone returning (for them a Mahdi, for us Jesus) and believe in an afterlife, that is as far as the similarity goes.

I absolutely doubt if "Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let earth receive her King" will ever be allowed where Muslims dominate. And that is fine with me.


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