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Fri, Dec. 06

Guest Column: Despite flaws, Trump the best candidate

As News Editor, Alan Choate certainly has the bully pulpit and the lead in expressing political opinion in the Daily Miner. There is a responsibility that goes with it, however. Thrashing begets a rant. His disdain for Mr. Trump can have serious effect on our future if he allows his opinion to aid and abet Hillary Clinton or another Barack Obama type to "lead us" the next election. The other alternative would be a "sometime" Republican like Mr. McCain or a sleeper like Mr. Romney, the twice-vanquished-by-Obama pair picked by the Republican Party "leaders" in '08 and '12.

Yes, Mr. Trump is arrogant, pushy, loud, and opinionated and flaunts his power and position. He also cannot be pushed around, bought off or scared into a corner. He fits the role of POTUS at this time of history perfectly. The Chinese will not buy him, our military will return to the finest on Earth, the borders will not be porous and we will again be respected by the world.

Now, maybe his most important "promise" that will be in all the history books - the return of "made in America" tags everywhere from sea to shining sea! If it's made out of U.S., it will carry a tariff, a duty, a tax when it comes here! That tariff can be used solely to support the return of jobs here, to bring back the factories and manufacturing here.

Without tariffs on U.S. products, the price of goods made here will be the advantage that promotes our work force. Made in China will be sold in China, not here! And it will not be creating long return lines in our stores.

With our workforce back in gear, our national debt reversed and our military mighty again, our pride will be restored and Donald Trump will have shaken the political tree mightily to make stale parties, pressure groups, hopefully the IRS and trash political "backdoor boys" extinct! It can happen and so it must!

Business as usual is destroying this country. Please, Mr. Choate, don't sully Mr. Trump. He offers hope and the two-party politicians don't even see the problem. Wake them up - elect Trump for jobs, pride-might-flag and so we don't have to learn Chinese!

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