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Sun, Jan. 19

Letter: Trump, Obama share many traits

The letter regarding the presidential candidacy of Trump (K.D. Miner, Dec. 27) was accurate in that the Donald is "arrogant, pushy, loud and opinionated." But wait - there's more. He is also amateurish, blusterous, clownish, crass, elitist, infantile, petulant, spoiled, self-centered, un-ceremonial (and this list could go on indefinitely).

For the past seven years we have been subjected to the height of amateurish leadership from the junior-varsity prevaricator presently occupying the White House. A Cub Scout leader could have done a much better job of leading this nation than Obama. Can this nation endure four (or, heaven forbid, eight) more years of slapstick foreign diplomacy and dissolution, hedonism, class division and racial disruption domestically?

Although Trump says he is going to do so many things to make America great again, he is restricted as to what he can do. He cannot make laws, such as creating a tariff or duty tax. That is the job of Congress - one that is sure to be at odds with a President Trump. What The Donald could do is to secure the borders and protect the country from radical terrorists and the ongoing invasion of illegals. That is one of the president's primary responsibilities, a duty at which the current fraud-in-chief has so wretchedly failed.

Trump said, at the beginning of his farcical-comedy-candidacy, that he didn't like military people who are captured, alluding to Senator McCain's POW captivity during the Vietnam War. Every person serving in the military, in action during time of war, runs a risk of being captured. Regardless of whether one likes or dislikes Senator McCain, for a presidential candidate to express such a disrespectful, disgraceful comment about any U.S. military personnel is an atrocious slap in the face to every person who has ever worn a U.S. military uniform.

D.B. Mitchell

Valle Vista

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