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Fri, July 19

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Why Americans Should Fear Obama's Massive Race Database ... and More

With a little over a year left in the Obama presidency, we are already able to see he is pulling out all the stops to push through (legally or illegally, he cares not which) every policy he can to ensure the downfall of what once was the greatest country on earth.

We can start with the Iran deal, a deal so lopsided that Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism on planet Earth is getting everything it wants, including 24 plus days before we can even take a look at suspect sites, plus $140 billion American taxpayer dollars to do with what they would like and, according to Kerry, at the last minute we threw in some arms and missiles for them.

They kept our three American prisoners, one a young Christian pastor who is dying as we speak. We never even ASKED to get them back. And of course, off with sanctions on Iran. When asked, Kerry said the Iranians couldn't care less if our Congress voted against this deal. Why?

Well, because Obama rushed the deal to the United Nations before our Congress even got their 60 days to go through it. The UN immediately gave it a stamp of approval, making it basically international law and now harder for anyone in Congress to vote against it, especially Democrats. That WAS the Obama plan, of course.

Again, Kerry's explanation. It would have been "PRESUMPTUOUS" of us to think we should vote on the deal before the United Nations did. Really?

I guess it is presumptuous of me to expect people elected and appointed to take care of the needs of the United States, instead do all they can to tear us down, make sure we are in peril and push constant turmoil.

If one can smile from hell, Saul Alinsky must undoubtedly be doing so. However, as a Bible studier, I feel sure Alinsky is instead screaming to his leftist followers (Hillary and Obama included) to stop the turmoil and race baiting and repent, for he now knows he was completely wrong.

NEXT, we have alienated our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, but today, the left is celebrating that the flag of Cuba is now flying on U. S.soil, albeit embassy soil. The point is, it wasn't there before for a good reason. Down with the Confederate flag, up with the Cuban and Mexican flag. And the American flag? Yeah, it's still being burned whenever anyone in America, even if they are here illegally, wants to burn it.

BUT the worst for last. The Obama administration's gigantic race database that will be in place long after he is gone. And again, that IS the plan.

Hinted at by far left-winger Maxine Waters of California a few years back, she promised Obama was putting something in place that would be here to stay - and it was big ... nothing like it anywhere in the world.

And now, Paul Sperry writing in the New York Post has elaborated on that something. Sperry, one of the best of the best investigative journalists, warned us in 2005 in "Infiltration - How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington." The book details, with classified documents, how Muslims in our country have been covertly working to destroy our constitutional government and the Judeo-Christian ethics on which we were built, then replace them with the Quran and an islamic state.

We are well on our way, the Obama admin being filled with just those people. And last week, watching (C-Span) a big Democrat Iowa meeting with Hillary, Sanders and the rest in attendance , prayers were given by a Muslim. There was no ending with "in the name of Jesus" as he was praying to allah. Welcome to the new United States. Before the lefties start the name-calling, I would suggest they spend a little time living in a Muslim nation as my brother did for 25 years and perhaps our Judeo-Christian country of freedom might start looking better and better to them.

Under the guise of "racial and economic justice", Obama's people are furiously mining all American's most sensitive data by race. At the local level, they are going for our health information, home loans, credit card info, places we work, neighborhoods we live in, even how our children are disciplined in school ... all to document "inequalities" between minorities and whites.

The network of discrimination databases are already being used by Obama to make "disparate impact" cases against, for instance, banks they feel aren't making enough loans to minorities, schools suspending too many blacks, cities that don't allow enough low-income housing for minorities, employees who turn down jobs to blacks due to criminal backgrounds. Obama's plan is to have the database completely in place by the time he leaves office ... in so deeply it cannot be easily gotten rid of as is the case with Obamacare and the Iran deal that he allowed the UN to first vote in.

Even if no evidence of discrimination exists, activist attorneys and groups will be able to refer to the race database to make their cases. And this database Obama is presiding over is the largest consolidation of personal data in U.S. history. So much for privacy. So much for liberty, for freedom, for fairness, for the rights the Constitution guarantees us.

The Granddaddy - The AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing database). HUD rolled this one out this month to racially balance the nation by ZIP code. Every U.S. neighborhood is mapped by four racial groups - white (not a race for we whites are Irish, English, Swedish, German, Russian, French, Croation, etc., but these brains have never figured that out) Asian (same as whites), Hispanic/Latino (again the same as whites and Asians except Hispanics are rightfully Caucausian as are all whites - duh!) and then blacks.

They will then publish "geospatial data" pinpointing racial imbalances using non white populations of 50 percent or higher as the threshold for classifying segregated areas.

Without traipsing out into the weeds, the bottom line is to relocate inner-city minorities to predominantly whiter areas, using their new AFFH maps. So much for freedom to live where you want to live.

But it goes even deeper. HUD plans to detail the proximity of black residents to transportation sites, good schools, parks, supermarkets and if their social engineering rules the distance is too great between blacks and the surburban amenities, municipalities must find ways to close the gap or forfeit federal grant money, ie: bribary, the same bribary they use for EPA regulations, to force states to use Common Core in schools, and on and on.

Civil rights groups will have access to all their "map" software, will participate in city plans to re-engineer neighborhoods under new community outreach requirements. I've heard of this re-engineering in Nazi Germany, Cuba and other non-free places. Who knew it would hit America? I rather love reading about the Irish all living in Brooklyn neighborhoods, the Jews up the hill from them, etc. They actually LIKED living there with people who had migrated from the same place.

The old way as I recall it went like this. The government kept their nose out of our private life, was supposed to keep us safe, have a military that was allowed to do its job and provide an atmosphere where every citizen had a shot at whatever life they wanted according to how hard they wanted to work. With their earnings, they could live wherever they wanted. There is no law outlawing where blacks can and cannot live, and of course this entire RACE database is geared to make whites look like the enemy and the government is having to rush in to save minorities from these meanies.

I would point out Hillary Clinton's tony neighborhood has, it has been reported, 1 percent considered minorities. Obama's tony neighborhood in Chicago has many black families apparently able to afford a home there. Obama's neighbors were Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson. I have never heard of "whites" trying to force their way in, but other neighbors were Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, both white terrorists, so go figure. Seems to me it is conservatives being left out in that neighborhood. Hahaha!

Congressonal Black Caucus leader Mel Watt heads the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). With it's compilation of 16 years of lending records broken down by race, your individual credit scores, employment records, student loans, car loans, credit card use, personal assets and debts, any bankrupcies, square footage of your house, lot size, interest rate and basically, more info than the IRS has, and then FHFA will share this with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This last one is more like a civil rights agency and will aggressively investigate lenders for any racial bias, then bring down the hammer on them. What if you're half black and half white?

The Credit Database is vacuuming up 900 million credit card accounts, all sorted by race and representing 85% of the U.S. credit card market. This is to sniff out disparities in interest rates, charge offs and collections between races.

Their employment database does the same to sniff out minority and women's hiring practices, all done according to race of course. Brings back memories of reverse discrimination where qualified whites were passed over to put more women and blacks in jobs such as firemen. This, of course, takes away the desire to work hard to be good enough to earn the job, is completely unfair to whites that are qualified and passed over. Except not in liberal speak. To them, a level playing field is having an equal number of races no matter who is qualified. It's the same with abortion. To liberals, a fetus is a baby when they say it is a baby, not the actual fact that it is always a baby.

The school database is interesting. The Education Department is gathering info on student suspensions by race from every single public school district in America. Schools showing what they consider disparities will be targeted for reform. And I'm sure the fear of losing their job if little Johnny is caught with pot in his locker and happens to be black will always be on their mind. Do I report him or not?

It goes further. How many blacks versus whites are enrolled in gifted and talented and advanced placement classes, how many minorities are actually even enrolled as compared to whites - all can open themselves up to investigations and lawsuits by the department's Civil Rights Office.

Even if there are no complaints, their new RACE DATABASE will "prove" things are unfair.

This is basically a diversity driven police state comandeered by Obama that will, just as he has planned it, outlast his administration. It is frightening, it should be taken seriously and every person running for president should be apprised of it's existance before there is no United States to even rescue.


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