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Tue, July 16

The Great Outdoors: Hunters wait for news of tags

By now, almost everyone who applied for a fall big game tag in Arizona has checked and rechecked their credit card statements for evidence that they have drawn a big game tag in Arizona.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department started hitting credit cards for deer, sheep and buffalo tags that were drawn last week.

For me it's nothing, as usual, but now I'll have 17 bonus points for deer. The good news is that one of three juniors I put in for Kaibab antlerless tags has drawn one for sure.

Not sure if my grandson from Oklahoma, Logan Martin, or Ryan or Laura Borden from Golden Valley have the tag. We'll find out in a couple of weeks which one of them was lucky!

Tags should be in the mail in a couple of weeks.


Speaking of lucky, I understand that Kingman resident Dan Butler, who drew a Unit 15D South desert bighorn sheep a couple of years ago, has drawn a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep tag.

Dan drawing one of those tags will surely get all of the conspiracy theorists talking. You see, Dan is the husband of Region III Game Specialist Erin Butler.

And to think I have 25 bonus points for that species!


Here is another interesting scenario you won't believe. I spoke to a sportsman from Colorado who has drawn an Arizona desert bighorn sheep tag in either Unit 43B or Unit 15B West.

The way he found out that he had drawn was the Game and Fish Department called him and told him that his credit card was no good, and that if he wanted the tag he needed to give them a card that was valid for the $1,815 charge for a non-resident desert bighorn sheep tag.

Game and Fish does call those sportsmen who have drawn a tag but whose credit cards aren't valid for the amount of the tag. According to the department, they will make three attempts in two business days to try to rectify the situation.

In the case of this Colorado hunter, he drew a tag with just 8 bonus points.


For those who aren't going hunting this fall but who like to fish, the stripers and catfish are biting pretty well on Lake Mead.

During the past couple of weeks I have had trips that resulted in catches of 115, 122 and 126 fish.

On one of the trips, Jay Chan and I had the pleasure of fishing with our friend, Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers. Weiers showed that he is not only a savvy politician, but knows how to fish as well. Weiers caught over 40 fish on his trip.


Speaking of trips, I had the job of taking out a film crew from the national news organization Al Jazeera America on a tour of Lake Mead. We set out from Las Vegas Harbor and made a tour of the lake, including Hoover Dam.

This organization is going to produce a documentary on how the drought is affecting the Colorado River system, including the lakes, and the effects it is having on cities such as Las Vegas.

It was hot, but I had a great time watching how they make a professional documentary. I'll let you know when it is aired; I know they had a guest who talked about a lot of interesting water strategies, including draining Lake Powell in order to lessen trans-evaporation.


Dove season is not too far away and bird hunters might want to go out to the Mohave Sportsman Club's Clay Target Center and sharpen their shooting eye. According to one source, in America only one dove is harvested for every 20 shots taken?


I can't emphasize enough the need to wear flotation devices when out on the water. In 2014, drowning was the leading cause of the 610 boating fatalities in America. Of those fatalities, 84 percent of those who drowned were not wearing life jackets!


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