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Thu, April 18

Editorial: Campaign '16: The fun has just begun

I promised myself I wouldn't, and I was doing really well.

"It's too early," I kept repeating. "There's no need to pay attention to the presidential race until at least Labor Day."

And that worked, too - until smilin' Rick "Oops" Perry announced he's in the race for the White House again.

The parade of GOP wannabes hitting the trail has been an amusing sideshow, mostly, full of has-beens and also-rans who never had a chance at the Oval Office the first time they tried, and are probably in it now just to raise some money and audition for a cable news gig.

Perry, the former Texas governor, once stood apart from that pack. Remember how he leapt to the top of the list in 2012, how he instantly commandeered front-runner status? And remember how quickly he blew it, forgetting one of his own talking points on live television and uttering the campaign-ending "oops"?

And he's back? Seriously? At this point, only Donald Trump is a more ridiculous candidate, should he decide to jump in as well.

Perry has new, smart-guy glasses and is selling a storyline that he's learned from his mistakes, studied up on world affairs and will be a better contender this time. It's all summed up nicely in an L.A. Times headline: "Rick Perry, humble and under indictment, announces second White House run."

First problem: "Humble."

Do not use that word to describe anyone running for president.

Humble people work in their communities. Humble people run food banks, organize school supply drives and the like. They serve on volunteer boards and service organizations, and may occasionally be part of a city council or even a state legislature.

But humble people do not say, "I think I'll embark on a national campaign that will require hundreds of millions of dollars so that I can live, basically, in a fishbowl in Washington D.C., and I will do this because I believe that I, alone, am the one to lead a world military power of 300 million people as head of a branch of government that can literally impact every corner of the Earth."

No so humble, right? I'd say every one of our presidential candidates is addle-pated in some way, just because they're seriously seeking the job.

Perry, of course, has that indictment problem too. It involves insider Texas politics, so it might not end up hurting him too much. With Gov. Goodhair in the race, though, I guess it's time to start tuning in - this might just start being fun to watch.


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