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Thu, May 23

Letter: Food before fireworks

Regarding: City having $35,000 for 4th of July celebration.

Respectfully, I believe Kingman should forget the extravagance and use this money solely to fund help for hungry, homeless and food banks in our area.

Suggesting a gala event or block party just illustrates how dumb our city leaders are about how many people in Kingman are suffering, hungry, homeless and broke.

About a month ago, this paper ran a front page article that St. Mary's Catholic Church lacked $400 to buy bread to make sandwiches that are distributed to numerous 501k non-profits.

This kind of money could start up a 'Meal on Wheels' program, which Kingman dearly needs, because of its older population. Taking care of our elderly, needy, hungry and homeless is exponentially more important to all of Kingman residents that blowing money on celebrating what might have been a great year for the rich but bad times for too many people.

I intend to contact everyone on the City Council with this suggestion, as the greatest thing about America is we are good folks who help donate to feed the poor of the world when disasters strike. But we still refuse their neighbors BREAD.

I love this country but those in power, in my opinion, are ignoring the basic human suffering transpiring in many homes in Mohave County NOW.

Every person is Kingman has a right to food, shelter and health care ... those who might enjoy a five-minute display of fireworks can afford to purchase their own fireworks (or throw their own block party) and find a safe area for using them without danger of fires.

Hunger hurts.

Mary Ellen Jazwin



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