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Sun, Sept. 22

Beyond the Mainstream Media: Did Obama Threaten to Shoot Down Israeli Jets?

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Just two days before Benjamin Netanyahu is due to address the Congress of the United States, a story ran in the Israel National News that quotes the Bethlehem-based news agency Ma'an. Ma'an cited a Kuwaiti newspaper report from last Saturday that states Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets in 2014, because Israel was planning an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities after learning of secret talks between Iran and the Obama administration that were to culminate in an agreement behind Israel's back.

The Al-Jarida source also said that an Israeli minister with good ties with the U.S. administration revealed the Israeli attack plan to John Kerry, after which Obama threatened to shoot down any Israeli jets trying to carry their plan out.

If true - and this should certainly be thoroughly investigated - this would be one of the most grave actions against our friends, the Israelis, I have ever heard about.

It's no secret Barack Hussein Obama detests our good friend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It's no secret he has sent his thugs to Israel to try to thwart Netanyahu's re-election. It's no secret Obama doesn't take the Iranian's nuclear aspirations seriously at all. Why should he? He has Secret Service agents guarding him day and night and a never ending supply of fancy golf courses to play on.

And after all, Iran wouldn't lie or anything, right? Only when they are opening their mouth that is. Not their people, their leaders. Let's make that clear. Their people demonstrated for freedom and cried out for our help early in the Obama administration. Obama, the purported leader of the free world, said nothing and did nothing.

And Netanyahu? He has the task of keeping his tiny, tiny country from being annihilated by all manner of Islamic terrorists who want Israel wiped off the face of the earth and every Jew dead. God's chosen people. Guess who is always behind this one?

At what point did people in our country start hating our best friends, the Jews? At what point did we switch from helping liberate them from the genocide and ovens of Europe to now doing all we can to make sure they are not safe, even in their own country.

And why oh why did we elect a man, raised as a Muslim with three Arabic names, who was never vetted and who ran with communists. We have no clue who he is, but he uses a stolen Social Security card and his birth certificate is forged, yet we have put him in the highest office in the world. He has stomped our Constitution and made laws from the executive office rather than the Congress where they are supposed to be made.

And did you know, Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's former national security advisor and big time Obama supporter, once advised Obama to shoot Israeli jets down if they were to attack Iran's nuclear sites.

Quoting Brzezinski from a Daily Beast interview, "They have to fly over our airspace in Iraq. Are we just going to sit there and watch? We have to be serious about denying them that right. If they fly over, go up and confront them. They have a choice to turn back or not. I don't wish for this but it could be liberty in reverse."

Hey Zig, what right is that you speak about? The right for Israelis to live on their own land without their Islamic terrorist neighbors lobbing rockets on their heads? Without anyone even questioning the land the "Palestinians?" (name stolen from the Jews) are on, stolen from the Jews who got the land directly from God almighty. The Jews have had a footprint for thousands of years on the land the Palestinians sit on. Not so much the Palestinians, a bunch of rag tag people thrown out of other islamic countries and used by them to wreak havoc on the Jews.

And Zig, shooting down Israeli planes could be liberty in reverse?

Of interest is the fact Zig was the top candidate to become official advisor to Obama until Republicans/Pro-Israel Democrats stepped in and advised O the anti-Israel attitude could hurt him in the polls.

Frankly, fraud in both Obama presidential elections was so great, had he deliberately run down a Girl Scout in Times Square, it wouldn't have hurt him in the polls. The fix was in long before.

Again, this needs a thorough investigation along with another investigation concerning Hillary taking millions from Islamic countries through the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation. Haven't we been this route with Bill doing the same when he ran? And isn't taking foreign money for U.S. campaigns STILL ILLEGAL?

Enough! We need to elect a conservative who loves America deeply, is Godly and honest, puts our citizens above illegals, cares about our friends like Canada and Israel, doesn't tie the hands of the military, putting them in great jeapardy and believes marriage is still between one man and one woman.

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