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Mon, July 22

Letter: On vaccines, focus on freedom

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet said that the U.S. declared it had eradicated measles in 2000. She stated that the current re-introduction of measles was caused by the lawlessness of our government allowing illegal immigrants to cross our southern border bringing viruses, bacteria and fungal diseases with them.

Dr. Vliet said, "Now the government... is saying it will mandate that all parents vaccinate their children to protect against the disease it allowed to enter the U.S."

Dr. Vliet recommends medical decisions be made by families and their physicians.

Dr. Lee Hieb states: "Medical ethics are clear: No one should be forced to undergo a medical treatment without informed consent and without agreement to the treatment. Vaccination is a medical treatment with risks, including death. It is totally antithetical to all ethics in medicine to mandate that risk to others.

"If you think the government has the right to forcibly vaccinate people...what is to prevent them from forcibly sterilizing people, or forcibly euthanizing people...?

"Since 2005 (and even before that) there have been no deaths in the U.S. from measles, but there have been 86 deaths from MMR vaccine - 68 of them in children under three years old. And there were nearly 2,000 disabled. The issue here is one of freedom.

"The argument that I must vaccinate my children for the good of the community... is the argument all dictators and totalitarians have used. 'Comrade... you must give up your money and property for the good of the collective, and now... you must allow us to inject your children with what we deem is good for the collective.'

"If Americans don't stand up against this, then we are lost. Because we have lost ownership of ourselves, our bodies are no longer ours..."

Arden Druce

Camp Verde


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