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Sun, Dec. 08


Alan Choate's column (March 15 Miner) excoriated Senator Cotton and dozens of Republicans who signed an open letter to the Iranian government, advising them of how our Republic works. Choate referred to the open letter and its contents as amateurish.

Forget amateurish for now. Let's look at another ongoing affair. The powerful, bi-partisan Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs chief investigative body is investigating the Obama administration's involvement in the "One Voice" movement, working on the campaign in Israel under the name Victory 15. The Homeland Security body has jurisdiction over all branches of government ops and compliance with laws. Their focus is on information the Obama administration is working behind the scenes in Israel trying to keep Netanyahu from being re-elected Tuesday, including a $350,000 State Dept grant to help do so.

Leading this are two operatives of Obama's White House and a diplomat from the Clinton Administration. And Alan Choate is worried about an open letter published for every American to read? Israel is the first country Iran would wipe off the globe if Obama's plan to help them isn't stopped. We would be next.

But let's address Choate's reference to amateurish. That Senator Cotton's letter was printed for all to see is refreshing. They are doing the job they were all elected to do. Obama was NOT elected to try to secretly overthrow our friend, Bibi Netanyahu, the PM of the only free country in the Middle East. Some may remember when we tried overthrowing bad guys, like Hitler, who were exterminating a whole race of people. Remember those days?

So Hillary, Obama and Kerry are outraged about the letter!

Let's see if I got this right. (First, take a deep breath.) Obama of hidden Fast and Furious fame, hidden Obamacare fame, cronyism and "clean" energy fame, unauthorized expansion of power fame, revolving door for criminal illegals fame, backdoor amnesty fame, illegal surveillance of not terrorists but U.S. citizens fame, two thrown presidential elections fame; then Hillary of Travelgate fame, missing Rose Law files fame, hiding HER health care plan fame as did Obama later, millions of out of country donations for Bill fame back then (during Monicagate fame), and now multi-millions of out of country donations through the Bill, Hillary and Clinton foundation fame, my own server and e-mails I will hand pick and you can go to hell fame (currently under six investigations) and on to John Kerry who lied under oath during the Vietnam war era and testified against fellow soldiers, making unbelievable accusations that were later proven false fame (later corrected by vets who were there).

And THESE are the three who are outraged at duly elected (no election fraud) Senator Cotton, decorated hero in both Iraq and Afghanistan for actually showing America the letter they all signed? And I only listed the tip of the iceberg on scandals.

Next point. I would refer Mr. Choate to Democrat Edward Klein's book "The Amateur" where he documents the combination of incompetence and radicalism of Barack Obama, making him the worst American president in our history.

Let's talk real amateurism. Would leaving Prime Minister Netanyahu at the bottom of the stairs with no food even offered he and his delegation qualify as amateurish? How about adding "I'm going upstairs to have my dinner." This is the same president who has opened the doors wide for rappers (often ones using the "n" word) and every other Hollywood weirdo, who allows the Muslim Brotherhood to come and go at will and holds Ramadan dinners for Muslims but cancels Easter Christian programs held there forever.

Let's talk real amateurism. Would a Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter or either Bush's have sent back a bust of a world leader they didn't particularly care for, or would they have simply, quietly had it stored with the other items the White Houses often switch out.

Obama's first act was to send a bust of Winston Churchill back because his polygamist Kenyan father he never knew was opposed to colonialism. Nothing like starting your Presidency by insulting England, our closest friend and ally and acting like a ... well, like a narcissistic amateur.

But then, in "Dreams from My Father" (again, he never knew him), he wrote "I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites." He then went on to "ingratiate" himself to black racist academic Derrick Bell, Harvard's first black Law School professor and considered the Jeremiah Wright of academia.

Obama's close alliance with Bell wasn't only to do with skin color but because they both believed you had to THINK black also. Bell's belief was that whites were the problem and "white supremacy" had to be overthrown. Odd, isn't it, that right now, Holder and Obama have put out this false narrative about white cops shooting down unarmed, innocent blacks and resulting in two cops being shot in Ferguson, Mo., due to their lies. They kept on even after the facts from not one, but two investigations showed the truth. Interviewed on the streets, young Ferguson blacks have not read the reports - instead listened to the lies of Obama and Holder. Sad!

It should be noted, Netanyahu, himself a decorated war hero, lost his brother in war, was stunned upon meeting Obama at how amateurish he was.

The Senators who signed this open letter letting Iran know they might want to re-think any deal with Obama, for it will be gone as soon as Obama is gone, are anything but amateurish.

I don't suppose anyone really wonders why this is being done? Obama wants in his legacy that he got a deal with Iran. He does NOT care what the deal is or who dies after he is gone. He just wants to be in the record that he got them to deal with him and will go to any lengths to see that happen, including allowing Iran to try to blow Israel away.

Does anyone consider that sanctions were working just fine? So what happened to them? Ask Obama. Does anyone consider, Iran has all the natural energy they will ever need also.

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