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Tue, March 19

Beyond the Mainstream Media: We need more Baltimore-type mayors. Or maybe not

Does anyone remember racial discord under the George W. Bush administration that could even come close to what we have witnessed under the Obama Administration? The correct answer is a resounding NO. It didn't happen because we didn't have a POTUS pushing racial division as Obama has done from day one.

Obama has sown the racial division that didn't exist before, and our country is now reaping a bitter crop from it. Innocent Americans, all too often blacks, are losing their businesses, vehicles, store contents, homes.

This week, yet again, this time in Baltimore, we have witnessed 44 cars burned, nearly 20 businesses torched, nearly 20 policemen injured (one seriously), and the discord is now spreading from sea to shining sea.

Why? Because, again, a young black man has died after an encounter with police and the rioters, urged on by the left, haven't waited for more facts to emerge.

Certainly no one wanted him dead. Nor did we want any of the other young black men dead. Every one of them already had a police record, were on drugs, dealt drugs, stole, whatever. We didn't want that for them, either.

What most of us actually wanted was a POTUS to step up to the plate and address issues in the black community that could help matters immensely. That would include facing up to the 30 to 50 percent unemployment for young blacks, all too many living in a home where the mother is the lone adult.

Enter Baltimore, with a majority population (over 60 percent) black. Baltimore has a 50-year history of being run by liberals, and their stinking policies that have done nothing but destroy whole communities. Half their population has less than a high school education. Many adults can't read and write. Half have a history of outrageous truancy if they are in school.

The Baltimore mayor first ordered the police to stand down as mayhem was taking over, cops were being pelted by cops, and cars and buildings were being burned.

Stand down? Really?

Then she said to allow the lawbreakers to loot. After all, it's just property. Someone else's.

Really, mayor?

Then she called in not the local clergy, who might have been a help in calming things down but, of course, AL SHARPTON. When Leland Vittert, Fox News, tried asking the mayor about her decisions, Sharpton ran interference for her. Then her personal body guard gave Vittert a shove.

Really classy, Ms. Mayor! Please do Baltimore a favor and step down now so hopefully someone more qualified than you might take over the reins. There are Americans who actually hurt for young blacks - who want them to succeed, be educated, feel good about themselves, have productive jobs, come from a home with both a mother and a father.

In order to put these people in place to mentor these out of control young black men, however, you MUST STOP VOTING IN LIBERALS AND THEIR DESTRUCTIVE PROGRAMS.

Meanwhile, the young dead man has a rap sheet a mile long, a couple of years in the slammer on his resume, and he was constantly in trouble with the law. But that is absolutely no reason he should be dead.

However, left out of the mix has been the fact he made so much trouble in the police vehicle, they had to stop and shackle his feet. Sound like his neck was broken at that point? Possibly not. But we need to wait and see.

The other man in the vehicle with him, albeit behind some type of wall, has now declared it sounded like the deceased man was slamming his head against something very hard. Again, you probably couldn't do that if your back/neck were broken but we need to wait and see.

According to Fox News, the young man did not have a broken spine before being put in the police vehicle.

There will be hell to pay for that one. I can't help but believe Obama has the secret smile on his face. He loves this stuff. He pushes it. A community organizer at his best.

"Never let a crisis go to waste," Obama's former chief of staff, Rahm Emmanual, said before he slunk off to Chicago from whence he came to see what more damage he could do to that liberal bastion that they haven't already done to themselves.

Whether this is about race or police as an occupying force or whatever, mayhem is their game and they do it really well.

Which one taught the other this destructive bit of wisdom we don't know. We only know all of them, including Eric Holder, were all cut from the same cloth.

Baltimore, you are in my prayers.


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