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6:00 AM Tue, Feb. 19th

Letter: Pedestrians are people, too

I feel that it is high time that all motorists start showing a bit more compassion to all those who are on foot, period.

So far I have been forced to wait on three pedestrian lights to change due to rude motorists who are in such a darn hurry that they keep me from crossing when it's my turn to walk.

Here is my question to all those rude people: where in the heck did you get your license? In a Cracker Jack box? The driver's test and book, if my wording is correct, is stated this way. Motorists should yield the right of way to those crossing on foot. Please read your darn driver's manual and you'll see that I am not far from the truth.

P.S. I know the whole world doesn't revolve around us. It also doesn't revolve around you motorists or politicians either. Like it or lump it, folks!

Kenny Lee Barrows