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Sun, July 21

Older That Dirt: Mother's Day

Mother's Day has already been and gone. There are many of us who no longer have our mothers to share this special day with. If you are blessed to still have your mother in your life, I hope you appreciate how lucky you are.

Of course, not everyone has great memories of growing up. I am sure for some the memories may be painful. There are probably grown children who rarely communicate with Mom, for whatever reason.

That being said, I would like to share yet another special time that my Mom and I had ....

My mother always loved grapefruit. She would often sit at our kitchen table and peel it like an orange. I would sit beside her and watch as she ate these sour things. She would laugh and insist that they were not sour, but delicious. "Here, try a piece," she would say. "Yuk, I don't think so"

While we sat at the table, Mom and I would talk about lots of things. She would ask about school, my friends, and just what was going on in my life. We would sometimes talk about boys. She would even share stories about her first boyfriend, and how she and her sister would always walk to school together, like my Sister and I did.

I would sometimes hear about snow in Chicago where she was raised. I had never seen snow. Sometimes she would talk about her mother, and how sad it was when she was 11 and her mother died.

Looking back, I realize it never was about the grapefruit, but rather the sweetness of the conversation.

I was the youngest of four, and the last one to go off to school. I think that is one of the reasons I have such wonderful memories of the time Mama and I had time together, time the other siblings didn't have.

Mother's Day is never about presents. It is more about your presence. Next year and on future Mother's Days, be there for your mother if you still have the chance.


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