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Tue, June 18

Letter: 'Unnamed party official' responds

Obviously Democrat activist Danny Baker received bad information, which is apparent from the letter "Boycott Talk" (Oct.25 KDM). He accused an "unnamed District 1 GOP party official" of telling people not to patronize a local restaurant where Democrats come and use one of their meeting rooms.

Well, I'm the unnamed party official who discussed this issue at the fair, and his claims are inaccurate.

As Reagan would say, "It's not so much that the Democrats don't know anything, rather so much of what they know just isn't so!"

In fact, the restaurant in question "sponsored" (paid money to advertise) the Democrat Party booth at the recent county fair, which is their right. Two of the local GOP clubs have board meetings at the restaurant in question.

I wondered aloud whether Republicans should patronize a restaurant that sends their money to support the Democrat Party.

The clubs themselves, not I, will decide whether or not they choose to keep spending their money at a restaurant that supports the opposition party. The Republican Party doesn't believe in "top down" control of everyone within the party. By contrast, the Democrat Party demands members strictly toe the "party line" or face severe consequences.

An excellent example was on full display at the recent legislative session, where House Assistant Minority Leader Bruce Wheeler threatened every Democrat with the state party running opposing candidates in the party primary, if they voted for Sonny Borrelli's WIFA (Water Infrastructure Finance Authority) bill, with its emergency provision to go into effect immediately.

HB2142, would allow communities across the state to refinance any water and sewer bonds without any pre-payment penalties, which WIFA had placed in policy that would cost cities and towns millions of dollars (passed on to the rate payers) in excess costs.

The bill passed anyway with a majority vote, 36-24 along strict party lines, and went into effect anyway.

What was the difference?

The bill contained an emergency provision allowing it to go into effect immediately upon a two-thirds vote. Had the seven Democrats who were for the bill the first time been allowed by Wheeler to support HB2142 again, it would have gone into effect immediately, not waiting 90 days.

So Mr. Wheeler forced fellow Democrats to vote against this bipartisan bill, for purely petty partisan politics. Who is the real hypocrite here?

Perhaps, Danny Baker, that is why yours is the minority party in Mohave County and Arizona.

Steve Robinson

Golden Valley


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