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Tue, Jan. 21

Beyond the Mainstream Media: The Truth Behind Roe v Wade

I never cease to be amazed at how far left wingers will go to make sure killing unborn babies remains legal. It is absolutely astonishing that people, who otherwise seem perfectly normal, suddenly have no qualms about slaughtering the most fragile and defenseless of all, tiny babies trapped in the womb of the very mother who is supposed to be their biggest defender. It actually makes me ill to think about it.

I recently watched the oversight hearings concerning defunding Planned Parenthood with PP head Cecile Richards being questioned. Having followed PP for decades, I am aware of all their lies and shenanigans and it was again astonishing to watch Ms. Richards lie over and over under oath.

For instance, when asked what happens when a baby survives an abortion, she seemed shocked. Why, she had never heard of such a thing happening in spite of hundreds of babies living through saline abortions with dozens of former PP employees testifying to that fact on websites. Two who lived through their abortions are still out speaking about it all over America.

And again, when far left-winger Alan Colmes had this predicament of a baby living through an abortion brought up to him on his radio show, he said not much. That's because he can be found on the internet with Sean Hannity interviewing just such a woman, a beautiful woman who survived an abortion.

Hannity did most of the talking while Colmes, a pro-abort to his core, sat mostly mute while the beautiful young survivor bubbled on about how grateful she was to have life and how she had forgiven those trying to snuff her out. What could Colmes possibly say? Sorry the abortion failed and you accidently lived?

Clarke Forsythe is senior counsel at Americans United for Life and a pro on this subject who did intense research on the personal papers and files of the 1970's SCOTUS justices. His opinion? Roe v Wade and it's sister case, Doe v Bolton, were not inevitable.

Roe started as a small case about who had jurisdiction over abortion prosecutions when two justices with serious health issues retired, flipping the court from conservative to liberal and thus empowering four justices who were hell bent on dumping abortion laws so women would have a legal right to kill their unborn children.

The unholy four were Douglas, Brennan, Marshall and Stewart, and they pressured the wobbly Harry Blackmun to join them. Month after month, they pushed. Blackmun already had his own back story and he was the designated author of Roe.

The 1960's sexual revolution had hit and, incredibly, many believed a population explosion was about to cause global famine. That was one influence on the justices.

And without any evidence at all, the justices also accepted as fact that abortions were safer than regular childbirth.

As a young mother at the time, I remember thinking how insidious and, frankly, plain stupid this appeared. There is absolutely nothing normal about killing a baby in the womb with a saline solution that burns off it's skin and lungs, or ripping the baby's limbs off, snapping the baby's spine - or simply suctioning the baby out like you would vacuum up dirt.

Before the ruling, pro-abortion advocates hoped to get abortion legalized for the first 12 weeks after conception. But again, Blackmun was pushed by a staffer to make it legal before a fetus (which means human - not a tissue glob) could be "viable." The SCOTUS then decided that would be 28 weeks.

The pro-aborts never pushed for a right to viability and were stunned at the scope of their victory.

For them, however, it got even better (or more demonic), depending on whose side you were on - the side of death or the side of life.

They decided to go all the way, making it legal if the pregnancy threatened the mother's health all the way up to the day of normal delivery. That threat included emotional health, which meant you could simply be depressed and get an abortion up through the last month.

That's how we ended up with abortion on demand from conception to birth, making us one of only four nations out of 195 that allows it. The others are China, North Korea and then Canada.

Today, only 7 percent to 9 percent of Americans agree with that ruling. And Planned Parenthood, the nation's biggest abortion supplier, is making a killing (pardon the pun).

During the Planned Parenthood hearings, it was revealed:

• PP head Cecile Richards made $590,928 in salary last year;

• 40 PP executives made over $200,000 annually from 2009-13;

• Last year, PP spent $14,000 daily on travel;

• $34.8 million was spent to purchase PP corporate office space two blocks from Madison Square Garden and;

• This non-profit came out with $21 million in profit last year.

When questioned as to why they need a billion from the government each year when their own revenue is more than their expenses, Richards tried explaining it away.

Is it used to build new clinics. No, 100 PP clinics have been closed down in the last several years. How about, they use it to provide additional health services? Truth is, they provide few health services.

PP does hand out birth control and present one hour sex-ed classes in public schools on how to perform homosexual sex, how to get hooked on all kinds of sex, and how to evade your own parents and your parents advice on sex. And of course, PP reps are happy to provide the address of the closest Planned Parenthood when you get pregnant.

Again, abortion is Planned Parenthood's cash cow, period. Twenty-three percent of infants born 20 weeks after fertilization, with treatment, now live. and that is exactly why they must hurriedly put them in a bucket of water or a pail with a lid and no air.

And watching that a few times is exactly why so many PP employees leave that employment, only to suffer for years with nightmares and a sense of guilt that they participated in the death of perfectly formed little human beings made in the image of God.

Next week starts a new SCOTUS year, and again there is an abortion case. Pro-lifers need to study the issue and make their thoughts and beliefs known. We treat animals, as evidenced by the many animal ads on TV, better than the pre-born in America.

And of course, there's always that other choice. Don't sleep with those you don't wish to have a child with or don't intend to marry. Every unborn child is wanted by someone and every unborn child has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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