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Sat, Oct. 19

Letter: Don't punish the rich for success

Extra, extra read all about it. Fifty-one percent of Americans make an average of just $30,000 a year. President Obama, the progressive socialist Democrat Party along with all their comrades, minions and RINOs must be pretty proud of themselves.

It only took six years to redistribute massive amounts of wealth to the government, making us all equally poor. With the creation of Obamacare and the centralized control over the economy that has become the hallmark of this administration, the so-called recovery has been anything but. According to our president, global warming is and has been our biggest threat no matter the cost of or the collateral damage. And gutting and controlling our economy with thousands of new regulations and along with a determined, all-powerful bureaucracy determined to recreate the Garden of Eden with perfect air, water and a pristine environment has put millions either out of work or working under their skill level and education.

No amount of hope and change will bring about a real recovery and a robust economy unless the federal government is willing to work with business instead of against it.

The progressive socialist Democrat chant now is "tax the rich." But attacking and punishing the rich for being successful just leaves us all without the needed small business start-ups that now number fewer than the number of business failures, and growth that powers this the largest economy in the world. And one thing that is for sure and for certain is that no one was ever hired by the homeless or the poor.

Men and women with money and the courage and drive to invest and create have made America. And they will again if given half a chance.

William Ressegue


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