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Tue, May 21

Letter: Our veterans deserve better

The numbers that have now come out regarding the VA hospital are staggering. How does a country neglect their veterans so horrifically?

We promise to honor and respect our soldiers, just as we promise so many other things. Who does NOT know of someone who waited months, or received poor care from a veterans hospital or other of their medical facilities? That is nothing new. But the gravity of the neglect is unfathomable.

I have not been living in Arizona for a very long time, but find that the initial information was let out by a whistleblower at the Phoenix VA. I also know that Sen. John McCain is a veteran and makes sure we don't forget it. Not only did he disappear after the initial scandal came out, but in fact to my knowledge has said nothing at all about it, still!

Let us remember that it happened on HIS watch, and he has yet to speak out in support of the shameful conditions at not only an Arizona VA hospital, but all VA hospitals.

My current nomination for a hero would have to be the doctor who came forward with the truth when no one else did.

Linda Varon



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