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Thu, Oct. 17

Letter: Hey, Pope! Redistribute this!

So tell me, Mr. Pope and all you other progressive socialists, just what do you think will happen when you make everyone equal? Do your think everyone will become a billionaire? Or how about a millionaire?

Well, it's not even $100,000, or even $10,000. It would be about $7,500. Remembering, of course, we took all of the capital out of the economy, all the start-up money, all the small business loan money and all the IPO money, checking accounts, 401(k)s and retirement accounts and even your piggy bank.

It's all gone now and each person has just $7,500. It won't get you a job, a house to live in, food or clothing because all those enterprises have given up all their money for redistribution. You can either choose to be a gatherer-hunter or stay in one place and be a farmer.

You will need to learn how to supply yourself with all your needs and, if you can, some wants. Would most of you even know how to do any of the three I just mentioned? Could you kill to eat? Be satisfied with what you can take from Mother Nature both in the ground and on top? Would you have the remotest idea how to farm, when to plant and what grows in your area, remembering that some plants take as long three to five years to yield a crop? Sixty days, if you can live off radishes. But you can't stop harvesting and planting. And after you killed a meal and harvested your next surf and turf, would you know how to preserve it?

The fantasy that we can redistribute wealth and make everyone wealthy is the biggest lie of the century. Do we all want and need to earn more wealth and become more prosperous and financially independent? Of course we do. But believing that government can take from the rich and give to the poor will at once make us all equal is nothing more than a joke from the progressive socialist Democrat fantasy land Party hoping to buy enough votes to win the next election. The reality is that every free program advocated by those progressives was funded by taking what others had earned and giving it to those who won't.

William Ressegue


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